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Fastboot Mode

2013 Moto G: How to Boot into Fastboot Mode

Booting the 2013 Moto G into Fastboot mode is a very simple thing and it can be essential if you plan on going heavy modifications to the device. Let’s take a look at the tutorial for how to get into the 2013 Moto G Fastboot Mode.

You will need to boot in Fastboot Mode for a variety of different tasks. It can be used for wiping the cache partition, unlocking the bootloader or even just needing to do a factory data reset. It’s also required if you need to issue commands to the 2013 Moto G with tools like ADB or Fastboot. The process is fairly simple and very straight forward so let’s take a look at the tutorial.

2013 Moto G Fastboot

  1. Power Down the 2013 Moto G
  2. Press and Hold the Power Button and the Volume Down Button at the Same Time
  3. Continue Holding These Buttons for 3-4 Seconds
  4. Then Release Both the Power Button and the Volume Down Button


See, the process was very simple. The first thing you need to do is to power down the 2013 Moto G. Then, while the device is off, you’ll need to press and hold both the Power button and the Volume Down button at the same time. Continue holding these buttons down for 3-4 seconds(I generally count to 5, just to be safe). Once you have waited long enough, let go of both the Power button and the Volume Down button and you should see the Fastboot menu instantly appear.

This is a menu where can do things like boot up into the Recovery Mode(where you can then wipe the cache partition, do a factory reset, etc) and here is where you would also start issuing commands with ADB or Fastboot(for things like unlocking the bootloader). If you need help getting these programs setup on your computer, check out the how to install ADB and Fastboot tutorials that have already been published.

You will need to press the Volume Down and Volume Up buttons to navigate through the menu and when you want to select something, press the Power button while the option the highlighted. Some Fastboot Mode menus, like the one shown above, tell you to use the Volume Down button to scroll through the menu but then to use the Volume Up button to select the option you have highlighted. Just be sure to read the screen and look for things like this before you start to mash buttons. When you want to leave this menu, press and hold the Power button until the device resets, or you can select the ‘Normal Powerup’ option like you see above.

[box type=”info”]If this worked or didn’t work for you, please leave a comment at the bottom of this article to let me know. This will help me to keep these tutorials up to date(if it didn’t work) and it can also help to inspire confidence in other readers(if it did work).[/box]

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  1. my moto G1 fell down in to water, immediately i switched off, after getting dry when i start this phone it is showing this fast boot menu. But when i want to select the option its just acting in the reverse, Volume up button scrolls and down button nothing doing. How i can start my phone bcoz they mentioned volume up button for selecting… plzzzzz hepl me urgently…

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