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You may have already deciphered what Android Explained is about from the domain name. We(both you and I) are here to discuss, inform, debate and explain everything that is going on in the Android community. I mainly focus on device tutorials and have come up with a set of tutorials that I want to write about for each device that is released. These tutorials range anywhere from doing a factory reset to installing a custom ROM. I am always willing to add in more tutorials to my lists, as well as do broad Android tutorials and tips so if there’s something you want to know about, go ahead and send me an email(contact link is at the bottom of every page).


I will also write about popular Android related news, rumors, videos, deals, etc. If it’s about Android or interests me at all, then I hope to be able to write about it. There are a lot of Android news website out there and there’s no way that I can compete with all of them. There’s just too much Android news happening every day and I simply cannot compete with that amount of content on my own. This is why I generally write one tutorial per day, one medium to long news article per day and then some miscellaneous things like deals, videos, etc. If you look at the sidebar on the right, the last widget(at the time of writing this) is a Shared News widget. This section will be a list of 10 Android related news articles that I have found from all over the web. This is my way of keeping you up to date with the latest Android news.


I am not claiming to be a journalist, a hardware expert or the best analyst around but I do respect you enough to not publish clickbait garbage. I also don’t claim to be a perfect writer with the best grammar either. I am just a person that has a passion about the Android(and mobile) industry. This means that I will try my best to not publish clickbait here on Android Explained. If a certain topic is a rumor then it will be explicitly labeled in the article. I don’t mind writing about rumors and speculating about leaked bits of Android related news and rumors, even if they don’t turn out to be true. It will be up to you to make an informed conclusion about the topic we are discussing. The goal is to present as much information to the community as possible and then discuss the possibilities as well as the impact of that information.


About Me

Hello, my name is Doug. I am 32 years old and I have worked from home for the last 8 years or so. My first computer had an Intel 8088 processor and it was old even before I bought it with my allowance. Eventually I upgraded to a used 386 and then again to a used Pentium 1 that was clocked at 100MHz. My first experience with the internet was during a Magic the Gathering weekend party with some school friends. I was introduced to AOL on a dial-up connection and I was amazed at the amount of knowledge and information that was available.


When I started high school(1997), I took a class my freshman year called Mass Media. It was the class in charge of the morning news for the school and I was the camera man. Being a shy person and not wanting to be on camera, I tried everything I could to do work behind the scenes. I eventually started fixing and building computers for that teacher to use in his other classes throughout the day. I would take 2 or 3 broken computers and combine the working parts so that I could create 1 working computer. I also took an Electronics class where I would just make sure all of the computer stations were up and running properly.


This required me to go online and scour the internet for drivers for controller cards, video cards, sound cards, printers, etc. During my four years at high school I met a German foreign exchange student who got me interested in web development. Learning HTML felt very familiar to me because I had spent so much time reading about and learning DOS commands. Right before he left I remember him showing me some websites made entirely out of Flash and I was in awe. I looked at his demo websites and thought this was going to be the future. After failing to make anything spectacular at flash I fell back to HTML and made some very basic websites here and there.


After graduation(2001), I essentially fell out of the loop because I was more interested in music, raves, and partying. I got out of that lifestyle around 2004 and then was hired as a customer service representative for a newsgroup company here in Atlanta. Being away from the internet for 3 years made me feel lost because of how fast things were progressing, but it also sparked that same passion again. After getting caught up with everything that was going on, I found myself watching shows like Tech TV with Leo Laporte and Kevin Rose. This eventually led me to Digg.com and then it wasn’t long before I dabbling in web development again.


Up until this point I was only using basic HTML websites. Most of my sites were written in Notepad but I was a fan of the Homesite(I think that was the name) software when I was in high school. However, I quickly found out about Content Management Systems like Joomla, Drupal and then eventually WordPress. As soon as I started using WordPress I never looked back and I’m glad I have stuck with it for so long. WordPress might have been too complex for the simple websites I was making at the time but the setup process along with the themes and plugins was just so much better than I was able to create myself. I made a few websites here and there but none of them truly stuck until Apple launched the iPhone. While everyone was getting their iPhone, I picked up an iPod Touch and started looking into the jailbreak community.


I knew 3rd party applications were going to be huge so I started one of the first jailbreak blogs with a focus to teach and explain to everyone how things were done. The website is still up to this day, InstallerApps.com, but I ended up selling it once my next website took off. As soon as I heard the rumors that Apple was going to create the App Store I started a new site and did application/game/accessory reviews for iOS developers. I actually still own that website to this day but it has been a few years since it was been updated with any new content. By the time Apple released the iPhone 4s I was very disappointed with how the iPhone ecosystem was evolving. Then, after my mother passed, I just didn’t have the passion to write for the site anymore. I tried to kindle the flame a few times but eventually just quit writing content for it altogether.


One I started looking at how Android was evolving, and the type of community that was thriving, I knew this was the platform for me. My first Android smartphone was the Nexus 4(really close to launch) and I have been hooked ever since. I wish I would have started an Android website then, but I thought I was way too late to the game. Eventually though I took the plunge and started my first Android website. At first I thought I was going to do the same thing I did with the iPhone websites and just talk about Android applications. There seemed to be a void that could be filled where someone curates a list of beautiful Android applications that deserved some additional coverage. The website I tried to start was AndroidLX.com(like, luxury Android apps), but I quickly lost interest.


When I started to look at what the Android community truly needed, it was obvious(to me) that there was a need for very simple and easy to digest tutorials. I have heard a lot of people talk about not even trying to root their device, or flash a kernel because they simply do not know how to do it. Most of the developers and contributors on XDA don’t have the time or the patience to answer questions and will simply say ‘flash this’ or ‘flash that’. Sure, this is enough for some people but it isn’t enough for others. It definitely isn’t enough for someone who is first getting interested in the customization and modification aspect of Android. Which is something that makes Android so unique in my opinion.


I will also spend any extra time analyzing and dissecting popular news articles, videos, rumors, etc. Again, I want to break things down and make sure they are easy to understand. Using multiple resource links to explain how the current topic has evolved over the days/weeks/months/years. This will hopefully help those that missed out on certain pieces of information, or those that are new to the community, to figure out what is going on and why things are the way they are.


Contact Me

If you would like to see something on Android Explained or maybe you need assistance with a technical issue. Please feel free to contact me at contact[at]androidexplained.com. You will also find a link to a contact page at the bottom of every page here. If you would prefer, you can fill out the form there and it will send an email to me. I will do my best to reply in a timely manner but sadly I cannot guarantee anything.


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