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Android Explained Quickly Channel

Launching an Experimental YouTube Channel: Android Explained Quickly

When I began Android Explained it solely going to be a website where I taught how to do certain mods to those who were new to the scene. I wanted a place that people could learn how to root their phone, install a custom recovery or ROM even if they had never unlocked a bootloader before.

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While some people may not care about the reasons behind certain mods, I wanted to teach people as much as possible. Using a simple tutorial such as how to boot the Redmi Note 7 into Fastboot Mode as an example. In these tutorials I wanted to touch on why there was a fastboot mode and what we could do with it by talking about a few examples.

Again, my goal was to teach people how to do these things with Android devices no matter what their experience level was. If someone was a veteran and just needed to use the tutorial as a reference for a command or for a download link, then they could scroll past the extra stuff and get to what they needed.

Now, I know that it an be difficult for some people to learn from text alone. So that was the whole reason why I created the Android Explained YouTube channel. My setup for recording these videos is embarrassing compared to the professionals out there but I knew that having a video could help teach even more people.

The Long-form Philosophy Carried Over to YouTube as well

As much as I would like to work on Android Explained full time. . .it simply doesn’t earn enough money for me to do so. I have started other Android related websites and one has done very well compared to the others I have tinkered with.

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But in order to make a living from Android I have had to find work elsewhere. I currently work as a Senior News Writer at XDA-Developers and recently passed my 2,000 news article milestone there. I’ve been working there for 3 years or so and am happy being able to be part of that team.

Writing for them, and thinking of/working on these other Android projects means that I can’t work on Android Explained full time though. If this website ever got to the point where I was making enough then I would stop a lot of that and could write more content here.

My main point here is that when I began creating YouTube videos for my Android tutorials it was nothing more than an experiment. I have been very impressed with the response (I’m about to surpass 18k subscribers) and the positive comments have shown me that I was right when thinking that some people needed a visual aid to learn easier.

But due to me working on other things it also meant that I don’t have time to plan out a script. I don’t have time to learn fancy editing techniques. So I write out my tutorial here and then I pull out a smartphone that is attached to a small tripod and I record a video based on what I just wrote about.

The Goal Remains the Same Though

I still want to teach people on YouTube the way I teach them on this website. This means that half of the video that I upload for a tutorial may be me talking about Fastboot Mode being a special Android boot mode. That it’s used to issue Fastboot commands which can help us install TWRP, unlock the bootloader, etc.

It seems some people watching a YouTube video are not fans of this type of format. Some people on YouTube want a video tutorial to get to the point and they have left some nasty comments because of it. For a while, I had zero inspiration to change the way I did things (and those nasty comments didn’t help convince me otherwise).

However, over time there have been some polite people who have expressed the same thoughts and opinions as the very negative comments did. . .but in a way that has convinced me to actually try to fill that void for that style of content. So that is the whole reason for this new (and experimental) YouTube channel.

Android Explained Quickly on YouTube

I started the channel yesterday and uploaded my first video to it. The tutorial for yesterday was about how to remove the Google Discover page from the Home Screen. The original video was over 5 minutes long and in it I explained how Google Discover evolved from previous Google features like Google Now and the Google Now Feed.

But again, I realize that some people may not care to hear any of that so I took the same footage that I had already recorded and made a shorter version. This new video is less than 2 minutes long and I have done my best to shorten it while using the same footage that I already had.

And that will be how I start out this experiment. The process of removing that Google Discover page probably only needs a 30-60 second video to walk you through it but with this new YouTube channel being an experiment, I wasn’t going to recording brand new footage. So instead, I just chopped out some unneeded information and tried getting to the point.

I feel that taking a video that is over 5 minutes long and shortening it down to under 2 minutes should be good enough for this type of experiment. If the new channel takes off then I will have the encouragement to take the extra time and make them even shorter by recording fresh footage to use.

For now though, I will be doing things this way. So every time I create a new tutorial, the long-form video version will be embedded on this website. However, a shorter version will be uploaded (hopefully soon after) on the secondary channel as well. Again, I can’t stress this enough.

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This is an experiment and its success or failure will determine whether or not I continue making two videos per tutorial. If I find there simply isn’t enough demand for the shorter videos then I will stop doing them. There’s only so many hours during the day and I’m already working 10-12 hours a day anyway.

I hope it works out as it will give those who are wanting shorter videos a place to subscribe (and give them less of a reason to write nasty comments). We’ll just have to wait and see how it goes. Let me know your thoughts and comments down below (or in the comments section over on YouTube).

If this tutorial helped you in any way, please consider donating via PayPalPatreon, Cryptocurrency, or GoFundMe. If you can't afford to donate then sharing this on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, XDA, forums, etc. will also help a lot. I would also appreciate suggestions for Android tips and tutorials that you would like to see in the future.

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