Battery Shutdown Manager Counts Down Before Shutting Your Phone Off

Battery Shutdown Manager

If you’re the type that uses their smartphone to the bitter end before charging it then you might like a countdown popup from Battery Shutdown Manager.




Not everyone will use their smartphone or tablet until the battery reaches zero. Technically, the Android OS won’t even let you use the phone until the battery hits 0%. Even then, the battery OEM puts some protection in the battery to prevent this even more. The reason why they do this is because dropping the battery to 0% can do some damage to the longevity of it. Thankfully though, we don’t have to deal with stuff like this because like I said, both the battery OEM and Android prevents this from happening.


When Android reports the battery is at 1%, it’s actually close to 5%(give or take). Since we have this protection, some people like to use their devices until Android shuts them down. The thing is, Android doesn’t really give us much of a heads up as to exactly when it will shut the device off. This can be annoying because you might be in the middle of an email, a text message, or even the last level of that really cool game you are playing. This is where Battery Shutdown Manager comes into play.


Battery Shutdown Manager Time


Battery Shutdown Manager

After you have installed the application from the Google Play Store, you’ll have to open the Xposed Framework application, enable the Xposed Module and then reboot your smartphone or tablet for it to go into effect. Then, you’ll want to open up the installed application so that you can configure it to your liking. Sadly, you’ll have to pay an in-app purchase to change the time warning and enable translations too. But if you feel the functionality is useful then you should be happy to help support the development of the application. The way it is now though, it’s great because it lets you try out the basic functionality to see if it’s something you would like to pay for.


I also want to note that the developer says there is a Freeload option within the settings. We see this type of feature in applications from Chainfire too. So, you’ll just need to load up the application after it is installed and you have rebooted. Then you can enable that Freeload option and you’ll get all of the pro features for free. Like I said though, if you feel this application is useful then I must insist you pay the developer for their work. Either that, or disable the Freeload option and just use the basic features. It’s only fair and if you like this app(and the developer’s work), then helping to support the development of this app is the only way they’ll be able to continue producing quality apps like this.


Battery Shutdown Manager Languages


As mentioned, translations are another feature that need to be paid for before you can enable it(or via the Freeload option). You’ll find this option right under the Time section within the standalone application(which is basically just a settings page). Simply tap on it to enable and then the app will use the language that your smartphone or tablet is currently set to. There isn’t much else to this Xposed Module, but I feel there doesn’t need to be. It aims to one simple task and it does that well. Adding too much to this application will only bloat it and it will probably bring little extra to most of the people who use it.


The developer says they’ve tested this on AOSP and CyanogenMod based software and that it does not work on LG devices(unless they are running AOSP/CM based custom ROMs). If you have any questions or run into any issues with it then please check out the developer’s XDA thread for support.


The app was not found in the store. :-(

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