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Chrome Text Size

How to Make Text in Chrome Either Bigger or Smaller

If the text within Chrome is too big or too small, then you can follow these steps below to make the text scale bigger or smaller than normal.

There’s a setting hidden within the Android OS that lets you adjust the size of text for the entire device. This will make the text of everything (apps, menus, etc) bigger or smaller depending on what you set it to. Chrome uses its own text scaling algorithm when you’re looking at a website though.

So even if you want text to be smaller all across the Android system, maybe that makes the text within Chrome too small to read.

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So thankfully there is a way to adjust the size of the text you’re seeing when you view a website. This feature is hidden within Chrome’s settings, but it’s nice to know that the feature is there. Adjusting this slider will only change how the text of a website looks though, and will not change text that you see in an image on the website (so keep that in mind). The feature is easy to find and easy to adjust so you can tinker with it until the text size is just perfect for you.

Changing Text Size in Chrome

  1. Launch the Chrome application
  2. Tap on the 3-Dot menu icon at the top right (next to the Address Bar)
  3. Tap on the Settings option
  4. Tap on the Accessibility option
  5. Adjust the Text Scaling slider to set it how you like it


Websites can choose how big or small their text appears when it is viewed within a web browser. So while you may have Android set to show text smaller than normal, a website could ignore this because they set it to be displayed bigger than normal. This is where this Text Scaling feature comes in handy. Sadly, there isn’t a way to adjust the size of text for a specific website within Android’s Chrome application though.

So changing this will make the text size bigger or smaller for every website you visit. Still, it’s a nice feature to have and you can change it by tapping on the 3-Dot menu icon at the top right of Chrome (within the Address Bar). From here, you’ll look for the Settings option (you may have to scroll down the menu to see it) and tap on it. This will display you the basic settings for Chrome, and you want to tap on the Accessibility option in this list.

Chrome Text Size Example
This is an example of how the text will look when you change the slider to 200%.

At the top of this page, you should see a slider that will adjust the size of text for websites within Chrome. By default, this text scaling option is set to 100%, but you can adjust it all the way down to 50%. Setting this number lower than 100% will, naturally, make the text smaller than you’re used to seeing it. This is great for those who want to see more text on screen and without having to scroll down a website.

Alternatively, you could move the slider all the way up to 200% as well and this will make text appear bigger than normal. There’s a little preview of what the text will look like below the slider, but you’ll likely want to press the Back button twice to go back to the website you’re viewing so you can see how it looks with the text size changed. I encourage you to tinker with this feature to set it up exactly like you want.

You always have the chance to come back to this settings menu and move it back to 100% if you want things back to how they used to be. So there’s no need to worry about making a mistake here and messing something up. Experiment and set things how you feel they look the best.

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