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End of the Year Android Game Clearance Sale

Both Google and Amazon are having incredible sales on Android games right now. With so many different genres included in these sales, there has to be something for everyone for free or discounted up to 97% off.


Toward the end of each year we typically see a lot of applications marked down in price in order to try and make as much money before the next year begins. This is also great because some of us are given gift cards during the holiday season. This sale is coming off the heels of the Square Enix mobile game sale that I told you about just before Christmas. In fact, some of those games are still on sale right now so be sure to check those out if you are a fan of Final Fantasy or the Dragon Quest games at all.


Whether you have just had your eye on an application or you have some Google Play Store credit to spend, let’s take a look at the dozens and dozens of Android games that are on sale right now.


Free Games(Amazon)


Discounted Games(Google Play Store)


There’s no telling how long these sales will be going on. Some of them are apart of the Google sales event and some are independantly hosted by the developers. If you’re interested in any of them then you probably want to grab them right now before they go back to full price.


I grabbed a lot of the Final Fantasy games that I told you about last week(along with all of the free games on Amazon) and I also picked up Hitman GO, Rayman Jungle Run, NBA Jam, Goat Simulator, République, Leo’s Fortune, Shadowrun Returns, Surgeon Simulator, GTA: Chinatown Wars, Kingdom Rush Origins and Civilization Revolution 2. I want to hear what games you got this year. Use the comments below and tell me which ones you were able to get and which game(s) you are playing right now.


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