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Find Package Name

How to Find the Package Name of an Android Application

Sometimes you need to find the package name of an application or game and this guide will show you an incredibly easy way of doing that.

I recently covered a tutorial about how to install BetterBatteryStats without root and in that guide I talked about the possibility of needing to know the package name of the application. If you downloaded the XDA edition of the application, then I provided the package name, but if you download it from the Play Store (and I encourage you to help support the developer), then it will have a completely different package name than the other version.

You can think of the Package Name of an application similarly to how you think of a filename on your computer.

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The application name is different and you can have multiple games with the same application name, but it’s the package name that has to be unique and different from all other applications you have installed on your smartphone or tablet. So for those cases (and there are other times where you’ll need to know this), I want to show you how to find the package name for an application or game.

Find Package Name

  1. Download and install the Package Name Viewer application
  2. Launch the application after it has been installed
  3. Find the application you need and the package name is right under


This is just one of those simple guides that I want laid out for referencing from time to time. The process is incredibly easy but it’s just not something that everyone knows about. I liken this type of guide to others that I have done such as how to sideload an application you found outside of the Play Store. This is just something everyone should know about since it can be useful with dozens of other tips and tutorials that I write about in the future.

So we just need to find this application in the Play Store and since there are a lot that do the same thing, I have linked the one I use in step 1 of the guide above. It’s small, easy to use, and doesn’t ask for any permissions that it doesn’t need (there are zero permissions it asks for at the time of writing this). Once it has been installed, you can find it in the Play Store or in the Home Screen and just go ahead and launch it from there.

Find Package Name Copy
You can tap on an application in the list to copy the Package Name or go to the details page within the settings.

Now, you’ll be given a list of all the applications and games you have installed on your smartphone or tablet right now. Under the application name, you’ll find the package name for it. If you want, you can write this down and/or just start typing it in the command prompt (or using it with whatever else you need it for). As I said, there really isn’t much to this application and it’s incredibly easy to use. Although, the developer did do a bit more here for those who wanted the added convenience.

So if you want, you can tap on any application or game you see in this list. When you do that, it will open up a little dialog box that lists the details for it. There’s also a couple of buttons you can tap here as well. So if you wanted to copy the Package Name instead of writing it down or having to remember it, then you can do that. Or you can tap on the Details button and it will take you to the app’s details page from within the Settings application.

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