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Xposed Framework Installer

Galaxy Note 4: How to Install Xposed Framework

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is about to start getting Android 5.0 Lollipop all across the world and this is a rather big transition. Thankfully, Xposed was also just released for Lollipop so today we’ll go through the steps on how to install Xposed onto the Galaxy Note 4(with Lollipop).

Samsung is in the process of a worldwide roll out of Android 5.0 Lollipop for the Galaxy Note 4. It could still take a month or two before it hits major markets like the US and Europe but every little bit helps. One thing that has held some people within the Android community back from updating to Lollipop is the absence of Xposed Framework. Rovo89, the developer of Xposed, has been fairly verbal about the troubles that have come with porting Xposed over to Lollipop.

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The wait is over now, though, and Xposed Framework is now working on Lollipop. It is currently in an alpha state and he himself has only tested it on the Nexus 5 with CM12. However, there are a lot of reports about Xposed working on Lollipop. It just takes a few additional steps to get it running properly.


As always, I’m going to go over some of the things that are required before you can start this tutorial. You will need to have root access to your Galaxy Note 4. Since you need to flash a .zip file, you will also need a custom recovery on your Galaxy Note 4. Also, I always recommend that you create a Nandroid backup of your Note 4 before you do any type of modification like this. Once you have root and you have a backup created, then you can proceed with this tutorial.

Galaxy Note 4 Install Xposed

  1. Download the Xposed Framework APK to the Galaxy Note 4
  2. Download the 32-bit Installer to the Galaxy Note 4
  3. Download the 32-bit Uninstaller to the Galaxy Note 4
  4. Boot the Galaxy Note 4 into Recovery
  5. Tap on Install and Browse to this Xposed Zip File
  6. Tap on the Zip File
  7. Swipe the Blue Arrow to Install the Xposed Zip File
  8. Tap the Back Button and then Tap the Reboot Button
  9. Download and Install ES File Explorer
  10. Launch ES File Explorer and Browse to the Downloads Folder
  11. Tap on the Xposed Installer APK You Downloaded
  12. Tap on the Install Button to Install it
  13. Launch the Xposed Installer App You Installed
  14. Grant Root Access to Xposed

Note – If something goes wrong or if you simply want to uninstall Xposed, just flash the uninstaller ZIP file in TWRP(or restore from a Nandroid backup).


This modification is fairly complex but as long as you follow along with the step by step tutorial then it should work flawlessly. Go ahead and download the Xposed Zip file linked in the tutorial directly to your Galaxy Note 4. From here, you will need to boot the Galaxy Note 4 into Recovery Mode so you can install that zip file. Once it has been installed, you’ll want to reboot and then make sure you have a file explorer application installed. I suggest ES File Explorer but any of them will do.

Once a file explorer is installed, go ahead and download the Xposed Installer linked in the tutorial above. Once downloaded, launch the ES File Explorer and browse to your download folder on your device. You should see the Xposed Installer file that you downloaded(it is a .apk file) and then tap on it. This will launch the install process and you’ll need to tap on the Install button to initiate the install. If you need SELinuxModeChanger then you can download it from this XDA thread. It used to be required but I don’t think it is needed now that Xposed for Lollipop has been updated.

It is important to note that older Xposed Modules might not work with Xposed for Lollipop. There are various lists going around that say what works and what doesn’t. If a specific module doesn’t work then it’s best to contact the developer to let them know that you would like to use their modification on Xposed for Lollipop. You should be polite about this. Not everyone will want to update their code and being rude about it will not encourage them to do it.

As always, if anything goes wrong, you can restore from the Galaxy Note 4 Nandroid backup and be right where you were before you started this Xposed tutorial. However, don’t hesitate to ask any questions that you may have in the comments section below. I will always do my best to help out in any way that I can.

This whole thing is made possible by Rovo89. If you have found this useful at all, please consider visiting the source link at the below and clicking on that ‘Donate to Me’ button. This will let you donate to the developer who created Xposed. The more funds he has at his disposal the more encouragement he has to continue development of Xposed.

[Source: XDA]

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67 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 4: How to Install Xposed Framework”

    1. Rovo is aware of the issue

      “It seems to boot loop on Samsung stock ROMs. I have received a file which I can use to analyse this issue, but it might take some time.Update: There’s a difference in the format of *.oat files on Samsung ROMs. I’m trying to find out more.”

      As soon as there is an update, I will put it into the tutorial

      1. thanks for the reply, If i install the wanamlite lollipop custom rom on my sm-n910c, will i still get the bootloop or not?

          1. If you install a N910C custom ROM onto an N910C Galaxy Note 4, you should not run into a bootloop.

            However, it is always recommended to create a Nandroid backup before you do something like this. So, just in case there is a bootloop(or you just don’t like it), then you can always boot up into the custom recovery and restore from the backup :)

          2. From what I can gather, the bootloop for Xposed is happening on any TouchWiz based firmware. So, unless it is an AOSP-based custom ROM(aka not TouchWiz), then I would stay away from it for now. Rovo is working on it though. He might release an update in the coming weeks to fix it

          3. Well I ordered a note 4 today, I let him stand on 4.4.4 until I safely can update to 5L or 6M an i safely can install exposed. Until then i am staying on 4.4.4

    1. Rovo is aware of the issue

      “It seems to boot loop on Samsung stock ROMs. I have received a file which I can use to analyse this issue, but it might take some time.Update: There’s a difference in the format of *.oat files on Samsung ROMs. I’m trying to find out more.”

      As soon as something is posted, I will update the tutorial

  1. Hello. I didn´t read the samsung stock roms warning and iI flashed it on the stock firmware. Now, I can use my phone normally, no issues. But when I try to flash something with odin, I can do it. It says FAIL. What can I do?

  2. Hi, any updates on this thread?
    I am running WanamLite rom (TW based) on my N910C and i am dieing a bit every day for not having Xposed Framework… thanks!

    1. I sure know how you’re feeling!

      Sadly, there hasn’t been any updates yet. I just checked and still nothing in the way of TouchWiz/Samsung functionality.

      Someone has done an unofficial port for 5.1, but it still doesn’t have any Samsung/TouchWiz functionality yet :(

      I will be sure to update the Samsung threads when I hear of something new but definitely feel free to check back in from time to time and ask for an update. I’m always willing to help out if I can

    1. Like the warning says, this version of Xposed just isn’t ready for TouchWiz. If you can root your Note Edge and install an AOSP based custom ROM, then it will run just fine. It’s just not working for stock TouchWiz at this time :( I’m sorry

  3. ok one quick question. Is xposed framework gonna work if I have a non TW based custom rom on Note 4 exynos?

        1. Now that I’m not really sure of right now. I did put together a list of custom ROMs that I was able to find at the time of writing it


          But you would have to match up your model number and check the threads to see if they are TW-based or AOSP-based. You could also browse through the XDA forums, looking for ROMs that work on your model and then see if they are TW-based or AOSP-based.

          Xposed will work on the AOSP-based ROMs. In a month or two I’ll take a look through the forums and update the list but it’s hard for me to stay on top of all the available custom ROMs for all of the different versions of the Note 4 all the time.

          If you find one though, please be sure to let me know via a comment here so some other readers will know what to look out for

  4. I have done many try on my galaxy note4 for Xposed framework ,more than four Xposed packages which are can be run on Lollipop I have tried ,but It doesn’t work .
    And I change my mind to think that why we need Xposed ,the answer is we need it for change our UI and save our battery life.
    At this time , maybe we can do something even if we can not do it perfectly without Xposed.
    For battery life. we can setup Greenify and run it with root mode.It’s very useful and help you to improve your battery life.
    For UI,I think the most urgent problem to be solved is the battery percentage.
    Samsung Rom give us so many ICONs on status bar,The percentage of battery will occupy a lot of space,I found a software can move the battery percentage into battery icon.even you don’t need root and xpose.
    Now,I am waiting for a Xposed version can be run on TW ROM.If any msg ,pls update this page and let us know.
    Thanks for everyone working on this.

  5. Vince Jasper Manalili

    Can someone help me after i install the framework my phone didnt open i forgot to back up. it stocks on sk telecom Logo because my note 4 is SM-N910S please can someone help on this??

        1. Search it like N910S 5.0 ROM or N910S 4.4 .and you may find some package like *.tar,you can use it by Odin

        2. I am going to sleep right now.Bye bye.If any question,maybe you can google it.lots of page teach you how to do.

        3. I’m sorry to see that you were having trouble with Xposed. Try to remember and create a backup next time!

          You can follow this guide


          But instead of downloading Android 4.4.4, just download 5.0 Lollipop from the same firmware download page linked in the tutorial. The tutorial for manually installing Lollipop on the Note 4 is the same as installing KitKat with Odin.

          You just need to substitute the Lollipop firmware for the KitKat one.

          1. Vince Jasper Manalili

            still i cant open my phone :3 its stock on LTEA3x Sk telecom Logo. what should i do here?

          2. Vince Jasper Manalili

            why should i need to join on that website before i can download firmwares?

          3. Your best bet would be to boot the Galaxy Note 4 into download mode so that you can flash an official firmware through Odin. Look through the Galaxy Note 4 tutorials here on Android Explained and look for the ‘downgrade’ tutorial. Follow that one and you should be able to get your phone working again

    1. Odin can help you to Brush any samsung Official system just like OTA.your all data and software will be remain.

    1. This will work with all variants of the Galaxy Note 4 but it will not work if you are running any firmware based on TouchWiz. You need to be running an AOSP based firmware before Xposed will work properly(right now)

      1. Hi I have xpoded working on my Note 4 the only thing is that I have it on Kitkat 4.4.4.
        I install the lollipop version but when I try to activate the xpoded said that my device is not compatible. My device is the N910T. Stock rom 4.4.4 running xposed.

  6. If you try to install this on a Sammy based Rom it will bootloop non-stop. I’m a somewhat novice android guy but instead of using odin, or wiping everything all you have to do is make sure you have the Rom you are using on your phone somewhere, boot recovery wipe cache, system, dalvik cache. Install Rom, then wipe cache and dalvik again and reboot. Pull battery once on spash screen, install battery, reboot one more time, wait 15 minutes and you’re perfect. I tried installing the xposed before reading and backing up and knew I would be okay if I got into a bootloop.

  7. LOL should have read the comments first. Bootlooped my phone as well. Booted my phone into recovery mode, installed the uninstaller and phone is back working fine with no data loss.

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