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Galaxy Note 9 Reset Network

How to Reset Network Settings on the Galaxy Note 9

Being able to connect our smartphones to the devices and networks we use every single day can be a critical task. Most of the time this stuff connects automatically and that is how we like it. However, once in a blue moon something doesn’t connect and the Galaxy Note 9 may be able to fix it.

What Network Settings Get Reset?

Smartphones are mobile devices and research says that most people keep their phones within arm’s reach of themselves throughout the entire day. So when you go and get into your car, if it is Bluetooth enabled, then you expect your phone to connect to it right when you start it up.

You also expect the Galaxy Note 9 to automatically connect to those Bluetooth earbuds, headphones, or external speaker when you go exercise, do the yard work, or those other times when you want to listen to music, watch a movie, TV show, or YouTube video.

Lastly, you always expect your smartphone to be connected to your wireless carrier’s data network at all times (unless you have manually disabled it). Having these connections happen automatically has become incredibly convenient and it’s something that we have come to expect in our daily lives.

How to Reset the Galaxy Note 9 Network Settings?

  1. Launch the Settings application

  2. Then tap on the General Management option

  3. Tap on Reset in the Reset section

  4. Then choose Reset Network Settings

  5. Tap the blue Reset Settings button

  6. Confirm your commitment and tap the Reset Settings button again

  7. Wait a second or two for your network settings to be reset

  8. Then reconnect to your WiFi and/or Bluetooth devices

Why Reset the Galaxy Note 9 Network Settings?

So, now you know what network connectivity settings get reset when you follow this guide. Samsung has bundled this feature into one single feature so if you need to reset one of them you are forced to reset all of them.

When you arrive at work, have arrived back at home, or maybe you just woke up for the day and you notice you can’t connect to your WiFi network. You can disable and enable the feature and even tell the Galaxy Note 9 to forget the WiFi network, but that might not fix the issue.

Galaxy Note 9 Reset Network Button
Just know that you will have to reconnect to your WiFi networks and pair your Bluetooth devices again once you reset the Galaxy Note 9 network settings.

Or using the example I mentioned earlier about getting in your car and cranking it up. Do you spend time tinkering with the Bluetooth options and possibly end up being late to your destination? And yet again, unpairing and pairing the device may not even fix the problem.

The same can be said about your mobile data connection with your wireless carrier. If you’re suddenly unable to connect to your mobile data plan then most people end up being stuck on the phone with customer support in an attempt to get things working again.

This Might Not Fix Anything

There’s only so much that Samsung (and even Android) can do with a simple reset network settings button. It’s possible that you may end up needing to do a data reset on the Galaxy Note 9. Or even worse, it may be a hardware issue that is causing the connectivity issue.

Whether this is a hardware issue with your other devices (your car’s Bluetooth, headphones, etc.) or the Galaxy Note 9 itself, you may end up being forced to get the smartphone replaced by the retailer or manufacturer.

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