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Enable OEM Unlock

How to Enable OEM Unlock

OEM Unlock is a protective in Android Lollipop and later that is usually a step that users need to enable in order to officially unlock the bootloader of their device.

In Android 5.0 Lollipop and later, Google has implemented a protective feature that prevents someone from unlocking the bootloader of your Android device. The idea behind this is in case your smartphone or tablet gets stolen. If the bootloader of your device is unlockable, then all the thief would have to do is execute some ADB commands and then flash a custom recovery so that a factory reset can be performed.

This allows the thief to sell your device since it will be in working order.

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With OEM Unlock protection in our phones now, the thief wouldn’t be able to do this unless they had your password/pattern/pin code and could log into the phone and enable this simple feature. It is a very simple and small feature and it has protected thousands(if not millions) of people’s stolen phones and tablets from being stolen and sold quite easily. For you or I, the people who actually own our phones and tablets, its easy for us to go into the settings of Android and enable it so that we can unlock the bootloader of our devices.

Enable OEM Unlock

  1. Enable Developer Mode
  2. Look for the ‘OEM Unlock’ Option in the Developer Mode Section
  3. Tap the Toggle to Enable OEM Unlock


This is a short tutorial, assuming you know how to enable the Developer Mode on your device. If you aren’t aware of how to do this then simply follow the links in the guide above and those tutorials will walk you through the process. Once you have Developer Mode enabled, then you can search for the OEM Unlock option from within the Developer Options settings page. It’s just a single option with a check box or toggle to the right and all you have to do is enable it from here. Once that is done then your are able to unlock the bootloader through official means.

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75 thoughts on “How to Enable OEM Unlock”

  1. in my s6 there is no option to choose like that – talking about OEM – debug menu of course exists but no option

  2. when i try to click this option on my htc one m9 it says security features will be disabled then doesnt activate the option when i click enable

  3. There is a warning pop up in my note 5 saying “Device protection functions will not work while OEM unlock is turned on. Is it safe to continue? Thanks for the answer.

  4. First able thank you, but I don’t have this option of OEM unlock in developer option on my Lenovo s60-a lollipop version. So… What should I do? Please help me

  5. Hello, I clicked on an option in settings. I was seeing a little screen pop up. I wasn’t able to read it quick enough. So I did click it 4 or 5 times. I discovered i was now in developer mode. Well I have no knowledge of this sort of thing. I have no business being in there. So is it possible to put the genie back in the bottle? If it is possible. I do not wish to mistakenly destroy my device.

    Thank you in advance

  6. Elizabeth Mary Louise Shaw

    Hi :)
    On my Galaxy A5, the OEM unlock option isn’t visible.
    I’m (obviously) not an expert and was just wondering if I’ll be able to successfully and safely back up my ROM and root my phone without this option?

    Thanks for your time. ^_^

    1. Sometimes, OEMs and carriers decide to omit this oem unlock feature. If it isn’t there, that doesn’t mean you can’t unlock the bootloader and root the device.

      What is the model number of your Galaxy A5?

      1. Elizabeth Mary Louise Shaw

        lol it doesn’t matter, I threw it downstairs by accident and smashed it anyways…thanks though. :)

  7. Sadly it backed fires the users who accidentally got themselves boot-looped and forgot to unlock oem.
    Like me… Oem locked, and all are stocks no cwm/twrp… All i can do is bring this to the service center. :/
    Mistake for me, error for google. :P

  8. Justin Charles Mendoza

    Hey I’m new to this and I ran into a problem. My AT&T Galaxy S6 doesn’t show the OEM Lock/Unlock. If you can get back to me as soon as possible that would be great. Thank you!

      1. Justin Charles Mendoza

        So how would I bypass it? I’m trying to root my phone and I’m worried I might mess it up if I don’t do EXACTLY what the tutorials tell me to do.

  9. I have enabled ‘OEM unlock’ on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 in settings. This means that my bootloader is unlocked now?

  10. HELP! I Have a motorola moto x play and it just doesn’t start. I can olny access to the boot menu. I haven’t enabled the OEM option. And now I am stuck in the boot because it doesn’t let me unlock with the Motorola code o erase everything. Please, there must be a way to enable the OEM with CMD… please. i really need an answer.

          1. Ok, I am glad that there is an alternative. On the other hand, i tried to enter with the recovery mode and it turn off, vibrates and turn on again and goes to the boot menu =(. I can’t believe that there’s no other way to enable the OEM with commands. It should be complex. I will let you know if I succed. Thanks

          2. I want to let you know that I entered to the recovery mode. I have the following options: Reboot system now, aply update from sd card or ADB, wipe data, wipe cache partition, reboot to bootloader, power down and view recovery logs. How could I enable OEM with this menu?

          3. You can’t toggle OEM unlock on or off from the recovery mode menu. It can only be done within the Android software (this is a security layer to protect thieves from factory resetting and selling a stolen phone).

            If you have a factory data reset option, doing that might be able to help you get past a bootloop

          4. I’m seeing similar behavior on my Moto X Pure. I have an unlock code, but the phone won’t boot so I can’t toggle the dev option. My recovery option just reboots. How were you able to get to recovery mode?

  11. I want to let you know that I entered to the recovery mode. I have the following options: Reboot system now, aply update from sd card or ADB, wipe data, wipe cache partition, reboot to bootloader, power down and view recovery logs. How could I enable OEM with this menu?

    1. Not all OEMs and carriers want you to unlock the bootloader. If the toggle isn’t there, then the OEM or the carrier has removed the feature. This doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to unlock it, but it isn’t good to not see it in there

  12. I want to unlock the bootloader of my Motorola Moto G XT1068 and there’s no “enable oem unlock” in my developers option menu. Can I unlock the bootloader without checking that option?

    1. Not all OEMs and carriers want you to unlock the bootloader. If the toggle isn’t there, then the OEM or the carrier has removed the feature. This doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to unlock it, but it isn’t a good sign

  13. Hi, thanks for the article, did anyone find a way to enable OEM unlock when the option is hidden from the developer options?

  14. I rooted my phone then press on update super user but mistakenly i didnt switched on oem unlock now i cant switch on my phone what to fo plzzz tell me my phone is samsung j7

  15. hi,my name is alex,can you tell me please if i can’t get into settings to do how is in tutorial,how can i check that OEM if it’s enable or not?

  16. Hi, is there a way to enable OEM unlock when it’s not in the developers options menu? Also how can I hack into community developer on XDA? Thanks

  17. Hi, i am trying to root my Nexus 6P but every time i go to turn on this setting i can punch in my pattern but the setting remains off. Is there something i can do to change this? I am running the latest dev preview(NPD90G at the time of writing) ifthat contributes to my problem or not idk

  18. Hopefully you can help me! I decided to root my phone but then after a while, I wanted to go back to stock firmware. I’ve looked up ANY and ALL tutorials/walkthroughs/etc to help me and i’ve found ABSOLUTELY nothing. I’m at a loss. I’m using a Motorola Moto G4 Plus Model Number: XT1644. I’ve also got it Boot unlocked and i’ve got TWRP installed on it. If you can PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me out, I’d be very appreciative. I don’t want to destroy this phone (although i do have insurance through best buy mobile, I’m not sure if a rooted phone is something i could get replaced lol)

  19. Oshmar Alves Gomes

    They want ease in unlocking bootloader without resorting to inaccurate and unreliable tutorials, abandon devices from Motorola / Lenovo, Samsung … they always take away your freedom to do what you want with your device. I recommend LG.

  20. Same problem exactly with my Samsung Galaxy A8 2018. Any help here would be amazing. Trying to solve this for 2 months. Without it Magisk will not root phone.

  21. Hi.

    Thanks for all the information by now. Unfortanetely I cant enable OEM unlock on my google pixel 2 android 9. I just cant switch the button and the line stays grey. You got any information to fix this. If it get fixed, can i lose my warranty then?

    ik hope to hear from you.


    Michel from Netherlands.

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