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HTC 10 BoomSound Mode Music

HTC 10: Change BoomSound Mode

There are a couple of different modes you can choose from with BoomSound using the HTC 10’s internal speaker and you can change them from here.

HTC has made the term BoomSound quite popular among the Android community. However, a lot of people get this term confused and think it means HTC’s front-facing speaker system. HTC has been known to put front-facing speakers on their smartphones but this ended up changing this year.

HTC decided that a fingerprint sensor on the bottom bezel of the HTC 10 was more important than a second front-facing speaker.

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Thankfully, the HTC 10 still does have a front-facing speaker and the company decided to go with a unique setup too. The front-facing speaker at the top will be used for playing the higher notes, while the bottom-facing speaker is used for playing the lower notes. People still praise the HTC 10 for its fantastic audio quality, but it’s just not the same for others who have grown to love 2 front-facing speakers on their smartphone.

The HTC 10 is still using the company’s BoomSound equalizer setting, and they’ve teamed up with Dolby to enhance the audio, and there are two modes that I want to show you today.

HTC 10 BoomSound Mode

  1. Launch the Settings application
  2. Toggle between modes by tapping on the ‘HTC BoomSound with Dolby Audio’ option


As shown in the video above, there are two specific HTC 10 BoomSound Modes when you’re using the internal speaker system. One of these modes is optimized for music playback while the other is geared more toward video playback. Just like with traditional equalizer presets, these will just made adjustments that will give you different types of sounds when you’re playing media on your smartphone.

Music mode will give you a more clear sound so you can hear the vocals better while still keeping the bass and everything in check. Then the Theater mode will make audio seem more epic so it feels like you’re a theater and watching a movie. There is no right or wrong setting to pick from here and it will all be a personal preference as to which one you feel is best. You might enjoy switching from Music mode to Theater mode, or you might prefer one over the other.

You might like some albums that you listen to better on Music mode while others might sound better when using Theater mode. You’ll just need to experiment with these two options and see which one you like the most. The same goes with movies, TV shows and online videos as well. You might like some of this video content with music mode instead of Theater mode. You always have the ability to switch to the other one at any time so feel free to try things out and see what you like for certain types of content.

Tomorrow I will go over audio profiles for when you connect some headphones to the HTC 10, but for today we’re just going to leave it here for the internal speaker setup.

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