HTC 10

Here is a complete list of HTC 10 tips, tricks, tutorials and guides that show you how to root and unlock the device, and teaching you the software too.

HTC 10 Audio Profiles

HTC 10: Audio Profiles

HTC has included a way to create custom HTC 10 Audio Profiles for you (and others), and you simply have to follow these steps to set things up.

HTC 10 Change Font

HTC 10: How to Change the Font

Along with changing the icon pack for various themes, the HTC 10 also has a way for you to change the Font and you can follow these steps to change yours.

HTC 10 Freestyle Themes

HTC 10: Freestyle Themes

HTC has two different types of themes in their Sense UI, and today I’m going to show you what an HTC 10 Freestyle Theme is and how to customize one.

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