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[Update] Humble Mobile Bundle 13 is Available

The team behind Humble Bundle has just released an Android exclusive mobile bundle for #13 and it will be live for another 13 days.


Update – The Humble Bundle team has just added two new games to the bundle. Along with all of the games that you see listed below, you can also get PUK and Jump’N’Shoot Attack to your list of DRM-free games if you pay more than the average.


This new Humble Mobile Bundle is a collection of what seems like random games from all sorts of developers. For the next two weeks you can get Timelines: Assault on America Premium, The Ministry of Silly Walks, Hellraid: The Escape, Puzzle Retreat Complete, Worms 3 and Twisty Hollow. You have the choice of paying anything you want but if you pay less than $2.75(as of writing this) then you only get the first three games listed. If you pay at least $2.75 then you get all six of them. Less than three dollars for all six games is an incredible deal too.


Humble Mobile Bundle 13 Games



There are going to be more games announced before the end of this two-week bundle too. We don’t know exactly which games they will be but we will find out a little bit later. You have the choice of waiting until the newer games are revealed but then the average goes up. So you can grab the whole bundle for under $3 now and risk the chance of the bonus mystery game(s) being something you are interested in or not.


As with all Humble Bundles, you get the choice to split the money you are paying for these games any way you would like. You could give all the money to the developers. You could give all of the money to the Humble Bundle team. Or you could give all of the money to the charities. Or you get the choice to split the money between any of these three entities. Speaking of charities. . .


Humble Mobile Bundle 13 Charities



The Humble Mobile Bundle 13 is partnering with the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Worldreader. So you if you are looking to pick up some great Android games on the cheap and want to help out a couple of charities along the way(or some developers), then head on over to the Humble Bundle page to score this bundle before the average price goes up.

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