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LG G5 Disable LED Light

LG G5: How to Disable the LED Light

If the LG G5 LED light has ever bothered you in the past, then let me show you exactly how you can turn off the LED light notification.

A lot of people like the notification LED light that sits in the top bezel of most smartphones these days. I certainly prefer to be alerted to notifications this way while I’m at my desk instead of a distracting alert sound or even the vibration motor. We all have different preferences though and not everyone enjoys having an LED light on their smartphone blinking at them until they dismiss a notification.

While I like to get alerted by notifications this way, I also dislike having it constantly stay on while the device is charging.

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That’s just not something I personally enjoy and thankfully LG gives us a number of different options when it comes to customizing how the LED light is used on the LG G5. Today, I’m going to show you where this feature is buried in the Settings menu, and how we can customize it the way we want it.

LG G5 Disable LED Light

  1. Launch the Settings Application
  2. Tap on the ‘Sound & Notification’ Tab
  3. Scroll Down and Tap on the ‘Notification LED’ Option
  4. Then Toggle Off the Options You Don’t Want it Used for


Not many OEMs give us the option to disable or enable the LED notification light on our smartphones. This is something I wish Google had embedded into the Android OS, but it’s a feature that OEMs are required to add into their own software. There are even custom ROMs (like CyanogenMod), that give us the option to change the color of our LED lights. Now, we don’t get this level of customization on the LG G5, but at least we have a number of functions we can disable it for.

To access this feature, we need to launch the Settings application and then tap on the Sound & Notification option. From here, scroll all the way down to the bottom and then tap on the Notification LED option. There is a universal toggle there that will completely disable the LED light without having to go into this other sub-menu if you like though. But if you tap on the text of this option, then we get a look at a number of functions that we can toggle on/off individually.

This image above is what you’ll see when you tap into the Notification LED option from within the Sound & Notification tab on the LG G5. From this menu, we still have the universal option to turn these on or off (instead of individually), but this here we have a number of toggles to play with. So, if you don’t want to see the LED notification light for Incoming Calls, Missed Calls & Messages, Missed Voicemails, or while the battery is charging, then you can disable specific ones from here.

Under the Battery Charging option, we also have another toggle for whether or not we want 3rd-party application notifications to use the LED light. We don’t have this option on many smartphones and I like that LG took the extra effort to include it in the LG G5. This is nice if you have a lot of 3rd-party social apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or even mobile games that like to send you notifications that you just don’t want using the LED light.

And as always, if you toggle any of these features on/off, but want to change them in the future, then you have the ability to come back into this same menu and adjust these toggles at any time.

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