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Moto G4: How to Boot into Fastboot Mode

You can boot the Moto G4 and the Moto G4 Plus into Fastboot Mode, which is also known as Bootloader Mode, by following these steps.

Booting the Moto G4 into Fastboot Mode will be vital to performing a number of modifications that I will be talking about in the future. So instead of explaining how to do this in every single one of those guides, I will show you how it’s done here today. So then I can simply link back to this guide when needed and you will have this here as a reference if you need it in the future.

We can execute a number of ADB and Fastboot commands while the Moto G4 is fully booted, but some are restricted to various boot modes.

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One of these special boot modes that will be required is Fastboot Mode. This is also known as Bootloader Mode, and we need to be in this special boot mode in order to have a higher level of access to our Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus. The process is very simple and we can easily boot in and out of Fastboot Mode without any issues.

For those who are interested, I demonstrate how easy it is to boot into Fastboot Mode and then boot back into Android in the video below.

Moto G4 Fastboot Mode

  1. Completely power down the Moto G4
  2. Press and hold both the Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time
  3. Continue holding these two buttons down for a few seconds
  4. Let go of these two buttons once you see the special Fastboot Mode menu


Booting into the Moto G4 Fastboot Mode is a similar process that we see on other Android devices. While some may have changed things up a bit, others will be the exact same as the Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus. So, when you’re ready, go ahead and press and hold the Power button so that the Power Menu appears. From here, tap on the Power Off option and wait a few seconds until the smartphone shuts off completely.

Once the Moto G4 is off, you’ll want to press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time. The goal is to continue holding these two buttons down as the Moto G4 starts to boot up. After a few seconds, you will see the special Fastboot Mode menu appear, and this is when you can let go of the Power and Volume Down buttons. If you continue holding these two buttons (particularly the Power button) too long after seeing this menu then you’ll likely see the Moto G4 shut down again.

If you’re confused about this process, definitely check the embedded video above as I walk you through the entire process. Once you get into the Moto G4 Fastboot Mode, you can then use the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons to navigate through the special menu. When you have highlighted an option that you want to select then you can press the Power button to choose it.

As shown in the video, I highlighted the Start option via this menu and pressed the Power button and the Moto G4 booted back into the Android OS.

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6 thoughts on “Moto G4: How to Boot into Fastboot Mode”

  1. OK, so I changed my mind now how do I turn the fastboot off? Whenever I turn on my phone it pops this up, and updates don’t work, I just want it back to normal without factory reset.

    1. Does your phone have a case? Fastboot Mode isn’t something you ‘turn on’ or ‘turn off’. You only boot into it when you’re holding down certain buttons during the boot cycle.

      1. I did the hold button to bring it up and now whenever I restart the phone it brings it up. I wanted to root my phone but it has the ads and the won’t unlock ad ones anymore.

        1. I’m not sure why it would come up if you aren’t holding buttons down during the boot process. A regular restart of the phone (which you could try doing by holding down the Power button while in Fastboot Mode), should take you straight into Android. I’ve never experienced what you’re describing on any of the 3 dozen+ phones I have used in the past

      1. I didn’t, but my wife did. She can’t remember exactly what she did, but it had to do with fixing a file and pushing it back to the phone. I had partly gone through the rooting process but didn’t complete.

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