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Which Android Phones Support Netflix HDR and Dolby Vision?

HDR and Dolby Vision are starting to be supported on Android smartphones and tablets so here is list of which devices support them on Netflix.

HDR and Dolby Vision are both becoming quite popular on TVs and the trend is starting to shift toward smartphones and tablets as well. Google recently added support for HDR YouTube videos for a couple of smartphones, but it seems like Netflix is much more popular in this regard. Either way, devices which support HDR on Netflix will likely end up receiving support for HDR videos on YouTube as well (but there aren’t any guarantees here).

Since it can be confusing to know which devices support Netflix HDR videos, I figured it would be a good idea to keep a continuously updated list of supported devices here on the website. Even if a smartphone or tablet has an HDR display that doesn’t mean it will support Netflix HDR videos. OEMs will need to work closely with Netflix in order to receive support for this type of video. Again, this list will be continuously updated so be sure to bookmark it for future references.

Netflix HDR Support

  • Sony Xperia XZ1
  • Sony Xperia XZ Premium
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  • LG V30

Netflix Dolby Vision Support

  • LG G6

This list will continue to grow as more OEMs adopt the new display technology on their smartphones and tablets. Netflix needs to work with these OEMs to make sure the content is displayed properly before access to those supported videos are unlocked within the Netflix application. You will need to contact the OEM in question if you want to find out if a certain device will support Netflix HDR or Netflix Dolby Vision videos and you should be aware that not all videos on Netflix will support either of these new formats.

Netflix will actually advertise which videos support HDR or Dolby Vision with a logo/icon. Sadly, there isn’t a dedicated section for this so it can be difficult to find. Hopefully we see this changed in the future but for now you’ll just need to look for that HDR or Dolby Vision logo to learn if it supports the new format. For more information about what HDR (or High Dynamic Range) is in general, you can watch this video to learn more.

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