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Nexus 6: How to Clean and Disinfect

You may wash your hands every day but how often do you clean your Nexus 6? Here are a few suggestions for how to keep your phone clean.

We use our phones every single day and most of the time are within arm’s reach of us. Smartphones are very personal and a lot of people won’t even walk out of a room without having it in our hand or in our pocket. Even if you wash your hands a lot, your phone can still get dirty over time. Try to think back to the last time you washed your phone. It’s not like you can simply run it under the faucet and wash it either(at least you shouldn’t do that to the Nexus 6). So what can we do? Here are three suggestions for how to clean and disinfect your Nexus 6.

Wipes and Sanitizers

This can be anything from hand sanitizer to Clorox Wipes. Personally, I use Clorox wipes but sometimes I will clean my hands with sanitizer and use a little extra so I can clean off the phone. These Clorox Wipes are something that I always keep a supply of to keep my work area clean. I have to warn you though. If you use any cleaner that is alcohol based(like sanitizer is), then is can remove the Oleophobic coating off of the screen of your phone. This coating is something that smartphone manufacturers put on the screen to reduce the number of fingerprints it has. This coating will go away on its own after a few years of use but it will instantly be removed if you clean your phone with an alcohol based cleaner. These wipes cost 4 cents a piece on Amazon when you buy them in a bundle like this.

Smartphone Wipes

There’s also some wipes that are made specifically for smartphones and gadgets. These smrtWIPES are designed specifically for smartphones and tablets so if you are worried about using an abrasive cleaner on your phone then you can opt for these. This company says their wipes have been “reviewed by Cellular Operators, Distributors and Wireless Equipment Providers”. So if that makes you feel safer to use then more power to you. This company advertises that it removes gunk, smudges, grime, filth, dirt, crud, make up and facial oil. They also pride themselves on making their wipes damp enough but not dripping wet so there’s a lesser chance for your Nexus 6 to get water damage. This company is selling packs of these things on Amazon at 10 dollars for every 30 wipes.


The last thing I wanted to mention is not actually a soap at all, even though that is in its name. PhoneSoap is a sanitizer that uses UV rays to clean your Nexus 6. The company says that it only needs to be in the tray for 5 minutes for the phone to be completely disinfected. This model isn’t actually going to hold the Nexus 6 properly because the phone is too tall for the space. That doesn’t mean that it won’t still disinfect it. You just won’t be able to close it all the way so keep that in mind. The holder also allows you to charge your Nexus 6(all you have to do is plug in your stock USB cable) and you can disinfect your Nexus 6 and charge it throughout the night. This option is a little more pricey though at $70 from Amazon.

How do you like to clean and disinfect your Nexus 6? Do you opt for wipes, hand sanitizer, or do you have one of the fancy UV sanitizers? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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