Nexus 6P Custom Kernel List

Nexus 6P Custom Kernels

If you’re looking for a custom kernel for the Nexus 6P, then take a look at this compiled list of all the kernels I’ve been able to find.




At the start of the week I showed you how to install a custom kernel onto the Nexus 6P( and now I want to present you a list of some custom kernels that are available right now. A custom kernel can completely change the way the Nexus 6P performs. You’ll find some that are optimized toward battery life and you’ll find other that want to pump out the most performance the device can handle. Each custom kernel is different and you’ll want to read through the thread(or at least the first few posts) to find out what the developer chose.


Granted, everyone uses their smartphones differently and this means that everyone will not have the same experience with every kernel. What I mean by this is that just because Franco Kernel is geared toward battery life, some might feel they get better battery life out of ElementalX. This is because the developer has certain usage patterns when they create and optimize their kernel and their usage might be different from yours. Some developers will try to create an all-around universal kernel that supports all usage patterns, but there aren’t any guarantees.


Just like with choosing a custom ROM that is best for you. . .you’ll want to experiment with as many kernels as possible(and try to use them for at least a week) before settling in on the one you feel is best.


Nexus 6P Custom Kernels


I have put the more popular kernels toward the top of this list. I am a huge fan of Franco Kernel and have been using it ever since the Nexus 4. He tries to optimize for battery life without sacrificing too much performance. This means the benchmarks won’t be off the chart, but you should get a little extra battery life compared to stock.


I tested ElementalX on the Nexus 5 and felt that it ate through my battery(compared to Franco Kernel), but it offered a lot of performance. So again, go through and test out as many kernels as possible and pick one that complements your personal usage patterns. Everyone is different and we all use our phones differently.


If I missed a Nexus 6P custom kernel in this list, please feel free to link to the XDA thread in the comments section below. Also, I would love to hear what your favorite custom kernel is for the Nexus 6P and why you like it so much.

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