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Nexus 6P Starter Guide

Nexus 6P: Customization Starter Guide

If you aren’t familiar with customizing Android, this can be confusing so today I want to show you the order in which you can modify your Nexus 6P.

Modifying the Android OS is quite difficult for anyone who has never done it before. There are plenty of tutorials out there that say ‘flash this’ or ‘flash that’, but even this can be too complicated for those who are new to Android or who don’t have any experience with it in the past.

That was the whole reason why I launched Android Explained and I take this concept a step further with this customization starter guides for various Android smartphones and tablets.

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I’ve written over 20 tutorials for the Nexus 6P alone and not many people know the order in which you should do them. I try my best to explain what is required in each tutorial I write, and I even go as far as to write these tutorial in an order that lets me reference required articles. Still, when looking at 20+ articles for one specific device, the task becomes more daunting than it needs to be. So in this starter guide I will be linking to all of the tips and tutorial articles that I have written for the Nexus 6P and I’ll be dividing them up into certain sections.

The first section will be the Minor tutorials and those will mainly be reference articles that pertain specifically to the Nexus 6P. Then, the Core articles are where things need to be done in a certain order. For example, you’re going to need to unlock the bootloader before you can install a custom recovery and you will need to install a custom recovery before you can root. Lastly, the Miscellaneous tutorials will be for various tips and tricks that may still require a previous task to be done(which will be mentioned in that tutorial), but are mainly just some helpful and unique things that one might enjoy with their Nexus 6P.

Minor Nexus 6P Tutorials

Core Nexus 6P Tutorials

Miscellaneous Nexus 6P Tutorials

As I write more and more tips and tutorials that are specifically for the Nexus 6P, I will add them to this page so that they are easy to find and easy to access without searching through pages of blog posts. Also, if you have any questions about any of these tutorials, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page for that specific tutorial. This helps to keep things organized and can help readers in the future if they come across the same issue you did.

Lastly, if you have any suggestions about future tutorials that you would like to see for the Nexus 6P, feel free to leave a comment down below. I can’t promise that I will write a tutorial for all requests, but I will take each one into consideration as I am always looking for more tutorials to write.

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If you run into any issues with this guide though, please leave a comment to let me know. This will enable me to keep all Android tutorials as up to date as possible.

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  1. Thanks Doug, I think this guide will be helpful for folks like me who doesn’t have any experience regarding flashing and other stuff.

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