How to Remove Suggestions from the Settings App in Nougat

Remove Suggestions Reminders

In Android 7.0 Nougat, Android will offer suggestions and reminders about features, but you can easily remove them from the Settings application.

Google has been working to enhance the Settings application of Android for a while now. They recently added a way to search through all of the options within the app, and they improved it even more with Android 7.0 Nougat. One of the improvements they added was a suggestion and reminder feature that sits right at the top of the Settings application. This is a very useful feature for those who aren’t aware of all the features that Android has.

For those of us who have already combed through the Settings application though, being told about Nexus Imprint, or adding a new email account is now helpful. It’s not instantly conveyed that these suggestions and reminders are easily dismissible. In fact, the way to remove the reminders is a different way to remove the suggestions. Suggestions are labeled as such, but the reminders are color coded and sit right above it.

Remove Nougat’s Settings Suggestions

  1. Launch the Settings application
  2. Tap on the 3-dot menu icon to the right of a suggestion
  3. Then tap on the Remove option

Remove Nougat’s Settings Reminders

  1. Launch the Settings application
  2. Swipe the color coded reminder to the right


I’m really not sure why there are two different features sitting at the top of the Settings application. I understand that reminding you about your Do Not Disturb mode is different from wanting to suggest a feature that you might not know about. Still, I think Google could have had both of these listed in the same way so that we don’t have two different ways to dismiss them. I would have appreciated being able to swipe away suggestions like we can with reminders.

So as you can see in the guide above, there are two different things listed at the top of the Settings application. The color coded options are what I’m calling reminders, and they’ll do things like remind you that you have Do Not Disturb mode on, or that you have Airplane mode on. Then, under it you will see a number of suggestions about various features for your device. This can be anything from using a fingerprint scanner, or specific to applications like adding a second email address to Gmail.

Remove Suggestions and Reminders

The teal colored option here is the reminder, and the Gmail option below it is the suggestion.

So you’ll want to swipe away the color coded reminders that Android places at the top of the Settings application. These will actually be above the suggestions, and you’ll notice that they don’t include a 3-dot menu icon to the right of them (like they do with suggestions). So the only way to get rid of these reminders is to swipe them to the right of the screen. You’ll see them disappear and they shouldn’t come back.

For suggestions though, you can’t swipe these way (individually or as a group). So you have two options here. Firstly, you could just condense the suggestions by tapping on the up arrow. You’ll still see the suggestions label, but you won’t see what Android is suggesting. Alternatively, you can tap on the 3-dot menu icon to the right of a suggestion, and then tap on the Remove option to get rid of that specific suggestion.

You shouldn’t get that suggestion anymore after removing it, but you could get suggestions for other things. So be aware of that in the future.

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