OmniROM Features for the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T

OnePlus 3 OmniROM Features

Another very popular custom ROM for the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T is OmniROM, and here are the features that are included in the latest build.

I’ve previously shown you the set of features that are included in LineageOS 14.1 for the OnePlus 3, and then earlier this week I showed you the list of features that were included in Resurrection Remix for the OnePlus 3. Those two ROMs have a lot in common, even though Resurrection Remix has a lot more features, they are still based on LineageOS’ code base so there are a lot of similarities between these two custom ROMs.

Today though, I’ll be showing you the set of features that are included in OmniROM 7. This is a very popular custom ROM within the Android community due to the dedicated developers who have been working on it over the years. Instead of OmniROM being based on LineageOS though, it’s actually based on AOSP. That’s the bare, open source code that Google releases for Android. However, there are still some features from LineageOS that were borrowed for this version of OmniROM.

Just like the previous feature list guides, this will not walk you through how to install OmniROM on the OnePlus 3 or the OnePlus 3T. I have previously made a guide on how to install a custom ROM on the OnePlus 3 and the process is nearly identical for all of them (although sometimes there are special instructions so you should always read the XDA thread for whatever you’re installing). You can find the XDA thread for OmniROM here, and the downloads page for it is right here.

OnePlus 3 OmniROM Features

  • Pixel style launcher
  • OmniClose OSS app
  • OmniSwitch
  • Brightness control by swiping the status bar
  • Double tap the status bar to sleep
  • Show IME notification in the status bar
  • Show IME notification in the navigation bar
  • Wake the device with the volume buttons
  • Long press the volume buttons to switch music tracks
  • Adjust volume buttons based on screen orientation
  • Force media volume to be changed by default
  • Use software navigation bar
  • Disable hardware navigation buttons
  • Control hardware button backlight
  • Change Recents style
OnePlus 3 OmniROM Features Menu

OmniROM 7 for the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T has its own features section in the Settings application.

  • Long press the back button to kill the foreground application
  • Adjust kill app timeout
  • Power menu options
  • Off screen gestures for the Camera, Torch and Music controls
  • Proximity check for gesture and fingerprint scanner
  • Adjust vibrator strength
  • Adjust slider mode
  • sRGB Mode
  • High brightness mode
  • Swap back and recents buttons
  • Enable or disable lock screen shortcuts
  • Hide the icons for lock screen shortcuts
  • Use either voice assistant or dialer for lock screen shortcuts
  • Hide charging text and unlock hints on the lock screen
  • Disable the quick settings menu when on the lock screen
  • Disable the wallpaper on the lock screen
  • Hide the status bar on the lock screen
  • Customize notification LED functions
  • Customize battery LED functions
  • Light and dark theme options
  • Custom Omni wallpaper picker
  • Battery icon options
  • Custom head image options for the notification panel
  • Misc OmniROM features/stats

So as you can see, some of these features are already used in LineageOS (as well as other custom ROMs), while there are a number of features that are unique specifically to OmniROM. The developers behind this ROM have had a philosophy about not wanting to just use features from other ROMs. If they do, they normally add something else onto it so that them using the feature benefits the community. Some will say this means there are a lack of features included in OmniROM though.

Since it is less feature-rich when compared to the likes of Resurrection Remix for the OnePlus 3, it does mean the features that are included are highly optimized for both performance as well as battery life. As with all of the custom ROMs that are available for smartphones, it’s all about your personal choice and style. Some want every feature under the sun while others want things to be minimalistic and only offering the features they specifically want in a ROM

Let me know what you think about OmniROM and whether or not you use it as your daily driver.

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