Android 101

The goal of Android Explained has always been to teach everyone how their hardware and software works. So even if you have never touched an Android device before this section will help you learn the basics from the community lingo to the core features of the OS.

Device Tutorials

There is barebones vanilla AOSP Android and then there are the versions that OEMs put on their phones. This means two phones running the same version of Android can look completely different. So this section will be for showing you how to use your new device.

Android Tips

Whether you know the basics or are completely familiar with your smartphone you can still benefit from a number of Android tips. Here you will find mods, unique applications, hidden app features and just a whole lot of different things that we are able to do with our Android devices.

Best Gesture Navigation Apps

The 5 Best Gesture Navigation Apps

Google says they worked on integrating Android’s gesture navigation bar for over a year when they introduced Android Pie. Some feel it is poorly designed while others believe Google slowly introducing gestures to the Android community. Gesture navigation isn’t new and I would like to show you some of the best applications in the Play Store. …

The 5 Best Gesture Navigation Apps Read More . . .

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