LG Knock On

How to Enable the Nexus 6 Double Tap to Wake Feature

For anyone that has used an LG smartphone in the last couple of years you might know how useful the double tap to wake feature can be. Now, anyone with a Nexus 6 can regain this functionality and you don’t even have to have root access to do it.

Google Play Movies

Free Movies in the Google Play Store for December

Google has just marked three different movies for free in the Google Play Store. Each one is tied to a specific country and they will only be free for a limited time so hurry before it’s too late.

Raiden Legacy Sale

Raiden Legacy is on Sale for $0.99

Raiden Legacy, a compilation of four classic arcade scrolling shooter games, is currently on sale in the Google Play Store for only $0.99. These games are worth the full price of $4.99, so $0.99 makes this a steal.

Lollipop Navigation Bar

How to Disable the Navigation Bar

here’s a quick and simple way to disable the Navigation Bar completely on Android. It requires root but once you have your smartphone or tablet rooted, then you can get rid of the annoying Navigation Bar(aka Soft Keys).

GMD Full Immersive Mode

How to Hide the Navigation Bar

Today I’m going to walk you through a step by step guide on exactly how to hide the Navigation Bar on Android. This will not disable it completely(I’ll talk about that tomorrow), but it will hide it and allow you to bring it back anytime you want.

Double Dragon Trilogy

The Double Dragon Trilogy is on Sale for $0.99

Right now you can download the Double Dragon Trilogy game on the Google Play Store for only $0.99. The game includes the original Double Dragon, Double Dragon 2: The Revenge and Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone.

Walmart Moto E

The Moto E is on Sale at Walmart for $9.99

And you thought Verizon’s pre-paid variant of the Moto G was a good deal. You can get the Straight Talk pre-paid variant of the Motorola Moto E at Walmart for only $9.99 right now. This could simply be a Cyber Monday sale so you will want to take advantage of this sale before it ends.

Groupon LG G Watch

The LG G Watch is on Sale at Groupon for $79.99

We’re starting Cyber Monday a little early today with a special discount for the LG G Watch smartwatch. Groupon says there is a limited number of units for this particular sale so you will need to hurry before they sell out.

LG G3 Over Sharpening

How to Fix the LG G3 Over Sharpening Effect

Since the release of the LG G3, a lot of people have complained about an over sharpening effect that LG has decided to use. After months of testing the issue can now be fixed with a simple custom kernel and I will show you how.

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