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Square Enix Discounts 14+ of their Games in the Google Play Store

For the past day and a half we have seen Square Enix mark down a lot of their mobile game collect. I don’t know how long this sale will take place but right now you can get games discounted as much as 57%.


Square Enix gets a lot of flack from the Android community for not caving in to the pressure of the mobile price wars. I’ve been fan of Final Fantasy games since Final Fantasy 3(aka 6) on the Super Nintendo. That game, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Secrets of Evermore, Earthbound and a few others are the games that drew me into these types of RPG video games. It wasn’t until years later when I could appreciate the story when I replayed through some of these games but they’ve always done such an incredible job at drawing me into the stories.


Secret of Mana


I’ve owned a lot of video game consoles from the Atari 2800 to the PS3 and it’s just hard to keep up with systems, cables, controllers, connectors and all the cartridges and discs. So a lot of video games and various systems over the years have gotten lost, been ruined by water damage, broken during a move or just plain left behind. When I started using Steam back in 2010, and even when I got my first smartphone, the idea of owning a digital collection of games fascinated me. I could simply log into my account and download/install the games I have already purchased.


So when Square Enix started releasing their original Final Fantasy series on Android I jumped at the opportunity to finally own the set. At the time I had only purchased two, Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy VI, but when I woke up today and saw that almost all of Square Enix’s mobile games were on sale for at least 50%, I instantly started to fill out my collection. It also helped that I had $50 in Google Play Credit from getting the Moto 360 at Best Buy in their recent sale.


These are the games I have found on sale in the Google Play Store right now


Square Enix Android Sale


It seems like Square is slowly making these down one by one. For example, the Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana games were put on sale yesterday(the 18th) and the Chaos Rings games were put on sale today(the 19th). So we could see them continue to mark down games. I don’t think Dragon Quest III, Dragon Quest IV or The World Ends With You has been marked down yet so we could see that change very soon.


Final Fantasy III


I looked through some of the reviews lately and you will want to do that for any game you think about buying. For example, I’ve read that Chrono Trigger hasn’t been updated yet to work with ART on Android 5.0 Lollipop yet so the game simply crashes. I’m also seeing complaint in reviews for Chrono Trigger’s save system. Simple things like accidentally minimizing the game, receiving a text or anything else that would take you out of the game will delete all the progress you’ve made since you last saved the game. So you’re forced to reload the last save game after you come back into the game.


I just think simple things like this you should be made aware of so definitely read the reviews and do your research to make sure this is ok with you. Are you a fan of Square Enix games? What do you think about their pricing structure for their mobile games?


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