I never claim to be the developer behind any of the fantastic modifications that I talk about here on Android Explained. In all of the tutorials that involve someone else’s work, I do my best to mention the developer who wrote it and also include the source at the bottom of the page. Following this source link will lead you to the developer of those mods and these are the people that you should donate to.


However, I do put a lot of time into the website and I do put tutorials together that can be understood by the ‘average’ or ‘casual’ Android user. I am using Google Adsense ads on the website(two per post) and I have also started to experiment with direct ads(the small boxes you see at the bottom of an article), but they only pay so much. If you’re using Adblock Plus, or other ad blocking plugins, you probably won’t ever see these. You most likely wouldn’t ever click on a banner ad anyway and with all of the tracking that happens on the web, I really don’t blame you.


I would eventually like to work on this website full time so there are a few ways that you can help me achieve this.


Help Out By. . .

  • Whitelisting
  • Sharing content!
  • Donate :)

If you are adamant about using adblock, and do not want to put in the whitelist(which again, I respect), then you can help out in other ways too. At the end of each post here at Android Explained there are a few icons that will help you to share the article on some social media websites. If you find the content interesting and would like me to keep creating more then sharing articles on social media is a great way to help out for free.


Another way you help out is  by donating some money. I don’t see a time where I will ever charge for this content, but if I am unable earn a living from Android Explained then I will have to spend my time doing other things. The more time I have to dedicate to other things, the less content that gets published here. I have to eat and pay bills like everyone else and I would honestly rather help the millions of people in the Android community than have to work at a traditional 9 to 5 job. So, if you want a no-strings attached way of donating, then you can find a PayPal button below that will let you do this.


To each person that has donated in the past, and to everyone who donates in the future, you have my utmost gratitude and my appreciation.

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