Tips, tricks, tutorials and guides for various features found in Android.

Manually Install Android App

How to Manually Install an Android Application APK File

In recent versions of Android, Google changed the way to manually install an Android application APK file. Before all we had to do is tap a simple toggle and we could sideload an app from any other source. Now, we are required to manually grant install permissions for each source we want to install an app from and …

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App is Using Battery Notification

How to Get Rid of the App is Using Battery Notification

Android 8.0 Oreo introduced a way for our smartphones to monitor how much battery an application uses and then alerts us about excessive use. The thing is, Android doesn’t let us just swipe away this notification as easy as other notifications but we can still hide it from appearing.

Google Assistant Voices

How to Change the Google Assistant Voice

At Google I/O 2018 we learned that the company is planning to add a number of new voices to Google Assistant. We weren’t told exactly when the new voices were rolling out but some people are seeing it in the application already and these steps show you how to switch to a different one.

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