Tasker Tips

Tasker What is a Scene

Tasker: What is a Scene

The third and last tab in Tasker is labeled Scene and this isn’t very critical to Tasker, usually, but it can make your Tasks a little more interactive.

Tasker What Are Tasks

Tasker: What Are Tasks?

As we get into part three of the Tasker introduction we’re going to talk about Tasks. Tasks are just as they sound, a task that is performed by the application.

Tasker What are Profiles

Tasker: What are Profiles?

Tasker automation can be difficult to learn but it can be easy if you break things down. So let’s start off by talking about what a Tasker Profile is.

What is Tasker?

If you own an Android device then you might have heard about an application called Tasker. Today I’m going to talk a little bit about it and explain exactly what it can do.

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