Xposed Framework Tips

Data Traffic Monitor

How to Add a Data Traffic Monitor to the Status Bar

Being able to keep your eye on data traffic details can be incredibly useful. I’ve used a network monitor program on Windows for years but most companies don’t include an easily glanceable option for Android. Thankfully, we can add one right into the Status Bar with Xposed Framework.

Change Battery Icon

How to Change the Stock Battery Icon in the Status Bar

There are some elements of the Android UI that can be customized with 3rd-party applications (such as the Home Screen). Although, there are some elements that require a bit more control over the OS and today I want to show you how to customize the battery icon with Xposed Framework.

Auto Expand Notifications

How to Automatically Expand Notifications

One of the biggest changes to Android notifications over the years is the ability for them to expand and collapse. Most of the time they come in collapsed to save space but using Xposed Framework we can easily automatically expand incoming notifications.

Status Bar Brightness

How to Adjust Screen Brightness by Swiping the Status Bar

Being able to increase or decrease the brightness of our smartphone and tablet displays is something many of us do a lot. When we need to adjust the brightness of our screen, it’s usually something we want to do quickly so let me show you how to do this by swiping the status bar with Xposed Framework.

Add Lock Screen Shortcuts

How to Add Lock Screen Shortcuts with Xposed Framework

By default, Android automatically has two shortcuts on the lock screen. One is for the camera while the other is for Google Assistant. However, with Xposed Framework installed we can add up to 6 additional lock screen shortcuts to applications we currently have installed.

Xposed Lock Screen Image

How to Set a Unique Lock Screen Wallpaper with Xposed Framework

A feature that lets you set a unique lock screen wallpaper that’s different from the home screen isn’t always an option on an Android smartphone. More and more companies these days are adding in this feature but if you don’t have the option then the GravityBox Xposed Module will do that for us.

Blur Lock Screen Image

How to Blur the Lock Screen Image with Xposed Framework

The lock screen image that we typically see is either the same wallpaper as we have on our home screen, or one that we specified to be used on the lock screen. However, some people like to add a blurred effect to their lock screen and this tutorial shows you how to do that with an Xposed Module.

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