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Align Camera Hole Punch Camera Cut Out Wallpapers

How to Align Hole Punch Wallpapers Perfectly

You’ve probably seen dozens of different wallpapers that were made specifically with devices like the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 series in mind. They used the front-facing camera cutout when creating wallpapers and this spawned multiple communities around it. These wallpapers don’t always align perfectly though but we can fix this so they look perfect on your phone.

The last couple of years we’ve watched as Android OEMs have gone to great lengths to shrink the bezels of our smartphones. One way they did this was by cutting a hole in the display for the front-facing camera. Doing so, a community of enthusiasts created wallpapers to embrace the cutout.

This has become known as hole-punch displays due to how they look.

The thing is, not all smartphone displays are the same size. Not only that, but they don’t all use the same screen resolution either. So a wallpaper made for the Galaxy S10+ with its 1440p screen resolution isn’t going to line up perfectly on the smaller Galaxy S10 with its 1080p screen resolution.

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So most of these wallpaper designers end up publishing the work they did for their device and then get asked to fix it for a device they don’t own. Which can be really hard unless they go through the extra work of using a template and stamping the wallpaper out.

This is why I wanted to share a little trick with you that will let you manually align these hole punch wallpapers perfectly.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

How to Line up Hole-Punch Cut Out Wallpapers Perfectly with Your Camera Cutout

  1. Download a hole-punch wallpaper image to your smartphone

    Popular sources include GalaxyS10Wallpapers.com and GalaxyNote10Tips.com.

  2. View the image in your gallery or image viewer application of choice

  3. Use the 2-finger pinch gesture to zoom into the image

    Don’t zoom in a lot here. You likely only need to zoom in a tiny amount.

  4. Then swipe the image around (up, down, left, right) until the cutout hole lines up with your camera

  5. Take a screenshot of the newly aligned image

  6. Then apply that screenshot image as the source of your new wallpaper


So, with a little pinch gesture in a gallery application, we can zoom into the hole-punch wallpaper that we recently downloaded. It doesn’t have to be much, just enough to let us move the image around on the screen. Once we are able to move the image on the screen, we can then line the wallpaper up with our camera cutout.

Usually, these tutorials are easy to break down into step by step instructions, but this time it may be best to watch the video.

Either way, we’re just adjusting the image so that it fits our smartphone with its screen size and pixel resolution perfectly. Websites like GalaxyS10Wallpapers.com and GalaxyNote10Tips.com do their best to categorize the images that are published by the community but sometimes it isn’t enough.

It’s near impossible for a single person to check through every wallpaper the community ends up creating. So, we as a community have to help by giving feedback when an image doesn’t line up correctly. Not to complain, not for a request, but just so the community knows what fits and what doesn’t.

That’s why I wanted to create this tutorial. To help those who are struggling to get the perfect image to line up properly.

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