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How to Block Galaxy Apps Notifications on the Galaxy Note 9

I unlocked my Galaxy Note 9 today and was greeted with an annoying notification suggesting that I update some application. These applications were automatically installed by the Galaxy Apps store and I don’t even use them. So today I want to show you how to block all Galaxy Note 9 notifications from the Galaxy Apps application.

I’ve talked about this before but there business reasons as to why Samsung doesn’t want to rely on other companies for various features. Sure, there will be a lot of people who choose Google Assistant over Bixby, but Samsung has more control over Bixby. This means that when they get an innovative idea then they don’t have to wait on Google to implement the APIs to add it to their phones.

It also benefits Samsung in case there comes a time if business relations between the two companies go sour. Samsung already has Tizen as their smartwatch operating system and they’ve used it on smartphones as well. So in case things go bad, it benefits them (from a business standpoint) to pre-install the Galaxy Apps store application on all their phones.

This doesn’t mean everyone (or anyone) will use it, but it does give them a backup plan just in case. As I mentioned though, I don’t use the Galaxy Apps store so I have no need to update those applications. So as soon as I saw this notification I immediately went to block them from happening again. And this is what I will be showing you how to do right now.

Stop the Galaxy Note 9 From Receiving Galaxy Apps Store Notifications

  1. Open up the Galaxy Apps application

    I pulled this application out of the App Drawer for the instructional video below, but you’ll first find this tucked away inside the Samsung Folder within the Application Drawer of the Galaxy Note 9.

  2. Tap the 3-dot menu icon that you’ll find at the top right corner of the screen

  3. Then tap the Settings option that you’ll see appear in the drop down menu

  4. Tap the Notifications option within the Notifications section of the menu

  5. And finally tap the toggle to the right of the ON section

  6. Then you will never receive a notification from the Galaxy Apps store application on the Galaxy Note 9 again


There are actually a couple of different ways that we could have blocked the notifications from the Galaxy Apps store app. I chose to show you how to do this through the application itself for a very particular reason. However, if you wanted then you could have gone through the Settings application and then dove into the Apps area.

There, you will find the Galaxy Apps application and you’re able to block notifications from this application just like you can from any other application in the list. Going through this route would have resulted in the same thing happening (you no longer receiving notifications from the Galaxy Apps application), but you wouldn’t have learned about the other options that are available.

For example, the thing that I was annoyed about this morning was simply the fact that the Galaxy Apps store application on the Galaxy Note 9 had recommended me to update some of its applications. Again, I don’t use apps from this app stores so I just don’t want to be bothered with keeping them updated. So I could have enabled the auto updates feature (although it may be enabled by default).

Another option that you will find in the settings area of this Galaxy Note 9 application is a toggle specifically for marketing information. So instead of receiving a reminder about updating apps this morning, I could have received a notification about some promotion. You may or may not like these types of promotion notices but using the guide above now shows you that you can disable the feature if you choose.

I’m most likely sure both of these options are enabled by default and I had previously gone in and disabled both of them. Firstly, I have an internet data cap with Comcast and I don’t need Samsung’s Galaxy Apps store app updates to chew through my data. I also have no need to receive information about promotions for apps and games in this app store either.

The more you know about the applications and features of your Galaxy Note 9 then the easier it will be for you to customize it to your liking.

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5 thoughts on “How to Block Galaxy Apps Notifications on the Galaxy Note 9”

  1. I still get notifications from this app: Configuration Update… and the thing is that you cannot block the app from sending notifications about apps i will never use… what now?

    1. Go to the actual notification itself in the drop down menu (swipe from the top to get there) long press on the notification and then you will have the option to turn off. PIA took me forever to figure out why I couldn’t block any other way.

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