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Pixel 2 Restore Nandroid Backup

HTC 10: How to Restore a Nandroid Backup

Yesterday I showed you how to create your first Nandroid backup and today I want to show you how to restore a Nandroid backup on the HTC 10.

Many things can happen with a smartphone that will make you want to restore it to a backup that you have previously made. You could have an application update and for some reason it no longer works. You could have installed a root app or modification that wasn’t compatible with your HTC 10 and sent it into a bootloop. Or maybe a friend of yours played a prank on you and factory reset your HTC 10.

Android doesn’t have the most universal and robust backup system so any of those would make the typical user lose a lot of their data. If you have a recent Nandroid back that you created in TWRP though, then you can simply boot the HTC 10 into Recovery Mode and restore from your most recent backup. I showed you how to Create a Nandroid Backup on the HTC 10 yesterday, so today I’m going to focus on how to restore a backup.

HTC 10 Restore Nandroid Backup

  1. Boot the HTC 10 into Recovery Mode
  2. Tap on the Restore button in the TWRP main menu
  3. Tap on the Nandroid backup you want to restore from
  4. Make sure the partitions you want to restore are checked (I generally recommend doing a full restore)
  5. Then swipe the white arrows at the bottom of the screen
  6. Wait until the restore process has completed
  7. Then press the Reboot System button once it appears


Just like with creating a Nandroid backup, you will need to have a custom recovery installed on the HTC 10 in order to restore from a previously made backup. This seems logical, but you would be surprised to see how many people do not get this concept. There are other ways of creating and restoring a backup, but this article is referring to a Nandroid backup. This is a backup that is created with TWRP, CWM, or any other custom recovery that you have installed.

So, to start, you will need to boot the HTC 10 into Recovery Mode. If you have root, then you can use an application like I show in the video above. If you don’t, or just don’t need to, then you can boot into Recovery Mode the manual way, and I link to this in step 1 of this guide. Once you get to the TWRP main menu, go ahead and tap on the Restore button. From here, you’ll see a list of the previously created Nandroid backups.

HTC 10 Restore Nandroid Backup Partitions
Be sure you select which partitions you want to restore from your backup.

If you don’t see anything here, then you haven’t created a backup yet. If you do see something though, simply tap on the backup you want to restore from and then you’ll be taken to a screen that lists all of the partitions that were included in the backup. Unless you specifically don’t want to restore one of these partitions, then I recommend that you make sure all of them are checked so you can do a full restore.

If you want to be selective, you can, just make sure the System and System Image partitions are selected (because these two are required during a backup and a restore). The others are optional and you can check or uncheck those however you wish. Just realize that any changes you’ve made to a partition (like your data partition for example), will be reverted when you restore (assuming the partition is checked).

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