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HTC One M9: How to Wipe the Cache Partition

Android cache helps speed up the performance but it can also cause issues at times so here is how you can wipe the cache partition on the HTC One M9.

When trying to help users troubleshoot issues with their smartphone, having the person boot their HTC One M9 into safe mode is usually one of the first things I recommend. The second thing I often suggest is for them to whip the cache partition since it can sometimes become corrupt, incomplete or inaccessible for one reason or another.

This troubleshooting step is actually very effective when issues arise immediately after applying a brand new Android update.

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For some reason, random glitches or bugs can crop up after an update and wiping the cache partition on the HTC One M9 can sort out various problems like poor performance, excessive battery drain and even applications/services that keep force closing when you try to launch them.

We’re going to have to refer back to HTC One M9 tutorials from the last couple of days to get into the menus we need so we can wipe the cache partition.

HTC One M9 Wipe Cache Partition

  1. Boot the HTC One M9 into Fastboot Mode
  2. Boot the HTC One M9 into Recovery Mode
  3. Press the Volume Down Button to Control the Highlighter
  4. Highlight the ‘Wipe Data / Factory Reset’ Option
  5. Then Press the Power Button to Wipe the Cache Partition
  6. When Done, Make Sure the ‘Reboot System Now’ Option is Highlighted
  7. Then Press the Power Button to Reboot Back into Android


As I mentioned, we first need to boot the HTC One M9 into fastboot mode so we can then boot over into the Android recovery mode. All you have to do is follow the two tutorials linked in the guide above and then that will get you into the HTC One M9’s recovery mode. Once you are there, you’ll need to highlight the ‘Wipe Data / Factory Reset’ option and then press the Power button to select it.

It can take up to 15 minutes to wipe the cache partition so please be patient while the HTC One M9 does the job. The amount of time it takes to wipe the cache partition is entirely dependent on how much data is there and how fast the device is. Since the M9 is new(from the time I am writing this), it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete. Once the process has been completed, you will be have control of the highlighter again.

Since the default option is the ‘Reboot System Now’ option, you shouldn’t have to move this, and all you’ll need to do is press the Power button so that the HTC One M9 will reboot. One the device has rebooted, you should be taken right back into the M9’s lock screen where you can unlock it and find out if the issues have been resolved. You might end up having to wait through a ‘Android is Optimizing Apps’ menu before you are taken to the lock screen though, so just be aware that this is normal.

As always, if you have any questions about this tutorial or if you run into any troubles along the way, please use the comments section below. I don’t claim to know everything about Android but anything I don’t know I should at least be able to research and find an answer for.

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  1. I bought a M9 from Rogers and have it unlocked, done factory reset and now on Telus but Rogers is still present on my phone pushing their services. How to get rid of of rogers or block them to access my phone?

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