Nexus 6P Custom ROM List

Nexus 6P Custom ROM List

I have combed through the XDA forums and here are all the custom ROMs that I was able to find for the Nexus 6P.




They say variety is the spice of life and the Nexus line sure does get a lot of custom ROMs to choose from. Today I’m going to focus on the Nexus 6P and curate as complete of a list as I possibly can. You can easily head on over to the XDA Nexus 6P forums and find these(I will simply be linking to those threads). Even with all the tags people put in front of a thread title to help keep it as organized as possible, there is still a lot of noise to sift through.


If you need help installing one of these custom ROMs on the Nexus 6P, then all you have to do is follow the steps in that tutorial. Sometimes a ROM might have a special step involve though. For example, The Pure Nexus Project ROM tells you to use a special Gapps package and this is linked and highlighted in the thread. This is rare, but always be sure to read through at least the orignal poster’s first few posts of the thread to get an idea of what is going on.


Nexus 6P Custom ROMs


This is what I can come up with as of writing this. If I missed some, or if some good one are released after writing this, please feel free to link to the XDA thread of that custom ROM in the comments section below. I will only allow links to XDA threads, so please be aware of that.


I have put some of the more popular custom ROMs up toward the top. I am in the process of flashing Pure Nexus Project onto my Nexus 6P right now as I have heard so much good stuff about it. The idea of getting all of those features without Xposed Framework and with working Project Fi and Android Pay is really enticing to me. Let me know which custom ROM here is your favorite

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