How to Unlock the Bootloader of the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T

OnePlus 5 Unlock Bootloader

If you need to unlock the bootloader of your OnePlus 3 or OnePlus 3T, you can follow these step by step instructions detailed here.

You should be aware that unlocking the bootloader of the OnePlus 3 will erase all of the data that you’ve put on it. This means contacts, photos, applications, games, etc. It is advised that you backup as much of your data as possible before you proceed. If you already know that you’re going to want to unlock the OnePlus 3 bootloader, then it’s probably best to do this right after you pull the device out of the box.

However, I like to set the device up and do some basic checks for performance, dead pixels, etc and then I will proceed with the bootloader unlock. It’s all a preference though, just know that this will wipe all of your data. You should also know, and you’ll see this in the video below, that you’ll have a warning screen each time the OnePlus 3 boots up after you have unlocked it. It’s just telling you that the device is unlocked and it’s the same type of warning screen that we see on Nexus devices these days (it’s just built into the Android OS now).

So, once you a ready to unlock the bootloader of the OnePlus 3, connect your USB cable to the computer and then proceed with the directions below.

OnePlus 3 Unlock Bootloader

  1. Download and Install the Google USB Drivers
  2. Reboot Your Computer After the Drivers are Installed
  3. Enable Developer Mode on the OnePlus 3
  4. Enable USB Debugging on the OnePlus 3
  5. Enable OEM Unlock on the OnePlus 3
  6. Download and Install the Minimal ADB & Fastboot Tools
  7. Launch the Minimal ADB & Fastboot Tools Shortcut After Installation
  8. Type the Following Command in the Command Prompt. . .
  9. adb devices
  10. . . .and Press Enter on the Keyboard
  11. Once the ADB Service has Started, Connect the USB Cable to the OnePlus 3
  12. Grant USB Debugging Access to the OnePlus 3 when Prompted
  13. Boot the OnePlus 3 into Fastboot Mode
  14. Type the Following Command in the Command Prompt. . .
  15. fastboot flashing unlock
  16. . . .and Press Enter on the Keyboard
  17. Press the Volume Down Button to Highlight the ‘Yes’ Option
  18. Then Press the Power Button to Start the Bootloader Unlock Process
  19. Wait Until the Process Completes, the OnePlus 3 will Reboot a Couple of Times
  20. Then Activate Android and Restore Your Data (if needed)


This process might seem complicated, but it’s really just a straight forward process. I linked to a lot of previously written articles in the tutorial above since they are generic tips for things that a lot of Android users should know about. Just be sure to go through it all, step by step, and you’ll get through it. I’ve even embedded a video above that shows me actively unlocking the bootloader on my OnePlus 3 so you can follow along with me.

You will need the USB Drivers installed and I would advise that you reboot the computer after you install them (just to be sure they installed properly). Then you’ll want to enable Developer Mode on the OnePlus 3 so that you can enable USB Debugging access as well as enabling OEM Unlock. Both are required in order to unlock the bootloader of the OnePlus 3. With that done, you will then need to install the ADB & Fastboot tools that are linked in the guide above.

ADB Devices Command

Start the ADB service

Once that is installed, you’ll want to double-click on the shortcut that it created on your desktop and then you’ll need to start the ADB service by executing the command adb devices in the command prompt. As you can see above, this is what it looks like when you start the ADB service. Once the service has been started, you’ll then need to plug the USB cable (the one you have connected to your computer) into the OnePlus 3.

If you did everything properly so far, you’ll get a USB Debugging prompt on the OnePlus 3. Tap on the OK button and this will grab USB debugging access to the OnePlus 3 from your specific computer. Then, you’ll need to boot the OnePlus 3 into Fastboot Mode, which again, I’ve linked to the tutorial in the guide above. That tutorial will walk you through how to boot the OnePlus 3 into Fastboot Mode.

OnePlus 3 Unlock Bootloader

This is the regular command for unlocking the bootloader for most Android devices.

When the OnePlus 3 is in Fastboot Mode, you can turn your attention back to the command prompt. This time, you’ll want to execute the fastboot flashing unlock command exactly as I described above. And again, if you are confused about what to do then check out the embedded video. This will cause your OnePlus 3 to reboot a couple of times, it will wipe your device and then it will boot you right back up into the Android activation screen.

From here, you’ll simply need to connect the OnePlus 3 to your Google account again and then you can use the OnePlus 3 like you normally would. I’ll be doing more tutorials this week that will utilize this unlocked bootloader so stay tuned for that.

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