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How to Install the Global MIUI ROM on the Redmi Note 7?

There are multiple ways of switching from one regional MIUI ROM to another. I recently showed you how to do this from a custom recovery and today I will show you the regular way. This involves flashing the Global Fastboot ROM of MIUI on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 and it only takes a few minutes to complete.

As mentioned, there are multiple ways that we can switch the Redmi Note 7 from the Chinese version of MIUI over to another region (such as the Global version). It was taking forever for Xiaomi to release the Fastboot ROM for this device so many were left using the Recovery ROM.

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I showed you how this was done in a previous tutorial but that method required you to have TWRP installed as a custom recovery. That works just fine but I know that a lot of people don’t want to install TWRP. So this method is much easier to do since we are simply double-clicking a single BAT file.

However, it does require that you unlock the bootloader of the Redmi Note 7 ahead of time. The waiting period may feel longer than it actually is but everyone has to go through it. So, if you don’t have TWRP installed and want to change your China MIUI ROM to the Global one then follow these instructions.

Before you can complete the tutorial below, you first need to install and enable a few things ahead of time.
– You need ADB & Fastboot tools installed on your PC. I recommend Minimal ADB & Fastboot, but you could just use Android’s SDK Platform Tools which are provided by Google.
 – Next, you will need to enable Android’s Developer Mode on your smartphone.
 – Then, you’ll want to go ahead and enable USB Debugging Mode on the device as well.
 – Don’t forget to make sure your PC can detect the smartphone using the ADB devices command.

Warning – Completing the tutorial listed below will wipe all of the data from your smartphone. This includes SMS text messages, photos, videos, apps, games, contacts and anything else. Make sure you manually back up your data to your PC or in the cloud.

Time needed: 15 minutes.

How to Install the Global MIUI ROM on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

  1. Download the Global MIUI Fastboot ROM for the Redmi Note 7

    And then extract its contents into a folder on your computer

  2. Then move those files/folders from inside the extracted folder to your ADB and Fastboot tools folder

  3. Boot the Redmi Note 7 into Fastboot Mode

  4. Double click the flash_all.bat file that you see in the extracted firmware folder

  5. Wait until the process is completed and the Redmi Note 7 reboots on its own


Just as promised, this method is a lot easier to pull off for beginners as it doesn’t require the person to have TWRP installed. There are benefits to both methods though. This method essentially puts your device in a state (software wise) as if it was just pulled out of a global Redmi Note 7 box.

This means that you’ll have an English version of Mi Recovery, all of your data will be wiped (although you will still be required to sign into your Mi account if there was one connected before you began this process), and you will need to set everything back up again once you log back into MIUI.

Now, you can also choose to use the Mi Flash tool and ignore the ADB/Fastboot tools part of this guide. I have found it to be more confusing for beginners though since it can be fickle (like giving an error if there is a space in the folder path). But the end result will be the same no matter which option you go with.

I would just recommend that you don’t lock the bootloader if you use Mi Flash (look at the options in the bottom right corner before clicking start).

The method I linked to earlier could be better for those who have TWRP installed and want to keep it (since this method removes TWRP and replaces it with Mi Recovery). However, that specific method means that you can’t install OTA updates like normal (which should be obvious since you have TWRP installed).

The method detailed in the step by step guide above though is the standard method of switching from the China MIUI ROM to the Global ROM for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7. This method will also let you download and install OTA updates directly from Xiaomi like you normally would (unless you make mods to the core Android OS).

To be honest, I would use this method even if I wanted to use TWRP on my device. I would just be sure to install TWRP and Magisk after erasing everything with this guide. I feel this method is just a much cleaner install and it can be used with any Global Fastboot ROM you download for the Redmi Note 7.

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31 thoughts on “How to Install the Global MIUI ROM on the Redmi Note 7?”

  1. It doesn’t work. Even if I tried to do it one more time, and to copy the extracted folder to my ADB and Fastboot tools folder, I double click the flash_all.bat file in the extracted firmware folder, and the script is running for about 2-3 seconds and it all dissapears. Nothing happens….

    1. It sounds as if you have some sort of USB type issue with your computer not recognizing the Redmi Note 7 while it is in Fastboot Mode.

      Question – If you boot the smartphone into Fastboot Mode, open a command prompt in your ADB/Fastboot folder and execute the following command, does your device show up?

      fastboot device

      If it does show up then the flast_all.bat file shouldn’t error out. But if it isn’t recognized then it could be a USB cable issue, a USB port issue, a USB driver issue, etc.

  2. Hey,

    since I didn´t saw this article before, I tried to get the global rom yesterday by following your other guide (https://www.androidexplained.com/redmi-note-7-china-miui-to-global/ – somehow I didnt´t recognice the red box at the beginning….).

    Somehow I ended up with a soft brick (phone did go into a boot loop after i was finished).

    Before I try to follow this guide with the Fastboot ROM, do I need to unbrick my phone (probably fowllowing this guide: https://www.androidexplained.com/redmi-note-7-unbrick/)?

    Thanks already for your awsome guides!

    1. As long as you have installed official Xiaomi software (like I showed in this tutorial), then yes, you can lock the bootloader.

      Just remember, if you ever end up needing to unbrick the smartphone or it gets stuck in a bootloop then it may be a hard brick because the bootloader is locked

  3. I’m using MIUI 10.3.1 china rom (PFGCNXM) and I want to upgrade to 10.3.5 Global.

    Q1. I downloaded “Redmi Note 7 Latest Global Stable Version Fastboot File” from http://en.miui.com/a-234.html but I can’t find flash_all.bat in there.
    Q2. Does it brick my phone if I upgrade from China rom to Global rom like in Q1?

    1. I downloaded the file and see it in the folder after I have extracted its contents. Are you sure you have file extensions enabled for Windows (so you can see the .bat part) of the filename?

  4. Hi I have followed the tutorial however if I click the flash_all file nothing happens. The cmd box flashes and then goes. I have cheked if my device is recognised by typing fastboot into the cmd and it is. Any ideas what it could be? As a note the flash.all does not have a .bat after it is this a problem or just the way the pc is displaying the file?

    1. The command is either

      fastboot device


      fastboot devices

      I can’t check right now. But that will tell you if the phone is recognized in Fastboot Mode. Alternatively, you could open up your own Command Prompt/PowerShell manually in the folder of firmware and ADB/Fastboot tools.

      Then typing out


      will try to run the script and this time it won’t ‘flash’ and you’ll get to see the error.

      It sounds like the computer is recognizing the phone in Fastboot Mode or you don’t have the firmware in the same folder as your Fastboot.exe file (and all of the other ADB/Fastboot files)

      1. ok so typed the flash_all.bat into the cmd and got the error flash_all.bat is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. I have copied the lavender file into the ADB file. Phone is still recognized in fastboot. Any ideas?

        1. It sounds like your command prompt or PowerShell isn’t in the same folder as your firmware.

          Using the Windows Explorer, browse to where you see the flash_all.bat file and then (with nothing in the folder selected) hold the SHIFT button and right click on an empty spot of the folder.

          This should make a special option appear called ‘Open Windows PowerShell’.

          Click that and then try the flash_all.bat file


    Hi there…i just updated my chinese rom redmi note 7 today on the latest ota update…MIUI-V10.3.2.0.PFGCNXN…
    Will this adb fastboot process flashall.bat file will it work for my redmi note 7…
    I ve heard that ur process will write the rom on the system but when the phone will boot up, it will give an error that this miui version is not working properly or somethin like that, that i just heard i never tried it, i just wanna make sure that this process wont brick my phone…
    And this process will run smoothly..thx for ur help waiting for ur.response….

    1. I haven’t heard of anything like that.

      I do know that if you try to switch to the Global ROM when the bootloader is LOCKED (different process), then you can mess things up.

      But as long as your bootloader is unlocked then you won’t have any trouble with this tutorial

  6. hello, I didn’t understand if you need to have the bootloader unlocked, does it work if I have the bootloader blocked?

  7. Hello Doug, I tried your method with the ROM that you have to download and not worked, so I read on internet about the ARB number that is the problem that I’m having to flash the ROM. So Downloaded the ROM in version checked the ARB of my device is and is 4, checked on the ROM Flash_all.bat set CURRENT_ANTI_VER=4 should install but still giving me the error that the Device is greater than the rom.

    current device antirollback version is greater than this package

  8. When I tipe adb devices i got some deamon tool eror. When I tipe fastboot devices it recognizes the phone. Do I need to have deamon tool working properly to complete the task?

  9. Now I have a new one. When I tipe adb devices I get:
    adb is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

  10. I made it to get recognized device, but unautorized. I didnt get the pop up to grant usb debbuging to my pc.

  11. Hi Doug,

    thanks for all the detailed explanation on your tutorials.

    i just install the global miui rom on my redmi note 7. is there a need to relock the phone? how should i do it?

    i tried using the “fastboot flashing lock” on cmd in the abd bootloader folder but my device reboots and gets stuck in a screen that says “This MIUI version can’t be installed on this device”.

    Thanks !

  12. I did everything and it worked fine until i had to verify my account. The device cannot not detect my sim or use WIFI. So i’m stuck on that verification screen.
    After a bit of reading i found its something to do with “persist.img”.

    Please help.

    1. It sounds like you may have flashed a Fastboot ROM that was meant for another device. Are you sure you downloaded the Fastboot ROM that matches your device’s codename?

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